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Become a partner

Partner with us and together we can create lasting change for children.

Become a partner

Partner with us and together we can create lasting change for children. 

We know that when we work together, we're stronger.

That’s why we partner with individuals, companies, trusts and foundations to achieve our vision: a world where every child has the same chance in life. 

Across the globe, our partners are helping to provide the essentials children need to grow up safe and healthy. This includes education, healthcare and clean water. They’re challenging gender inequality and improving girls’ lives. They’re supporting children and their families to recover in the aftermath of disasters. 

When you partner with Plan International UK, our experienced team will work with you. Together we'll tailor your partnership to your specific needs. You’ll gain a unique insight into our child-centred, community development approach. And, most importantly, you'll see the long-term impact of your support as it transforms children’s lives. 

Partner with us as a company

Become a corporate partner with Plan International UK and your business can achieve something amazing: transforming children’s lives around the world. 

Our partnerships with the private sector are based on trust, collaboration and impact. We’ll work with you to deliver sustainable change for children, while helping you to engage staff, boost customer trust and reach new audiences. 

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Evita washes her hands in handwashing station that includes tap and sink
Evita, 13, washes her hands using one of the newly installed handwashing stations in the Solomon Islands.
Diatou writing at school desk and looking towards the front of the classroom
Diatou, 11, started school in Mali much later than her brothers. She's caught them up with help from Plan International and is now in a mainstream school.

Trusts and foundations

Partnerships with trusts and foundations allow us to shine a light on the issues that matter most and deliver lasting change with children and their communities. 

Our dedicated team will work with you to find the right programme to begin transforming children's lives around the world.

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Give a major gift

Together with young people and their communities, individual philanthropists are vital to advancing children’s rights and equality for girls.  

Giving a gift of £10,000 and above can create lasting change for children across the world. We have a selection of projects in need of funding, or you can allow us to direct your donation where it is needed most.

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Shahnaz and Sumaya in adolescent corner, pointing at wall chart
Shahnaz, 16, with friend Sumaya studying health charts in their school’s adolescent corner in Bangladesh. 

Partnerships in action

Razia and Pallabi tending to crops in school garden
Pallabi, 14, and Razia, 13, tend to a school garden in Bangladesh.

Pallabi's story

“The garden helps me in many ways to be a better person,” says 14-year-old Pallabi in Bangladesh. 

Pallabi learnt how to grow nutritious food through a school garden project, supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery. Malnutrition is an issue in Bangladesh but projects like this help girls to overcome that. 

“Our life would grow well like these plants, if we take care of our lives properly. We would be successful if we take care of our lives like this,” says Pallabi.  

Qahira’s story

“It’s really important that we’re seeing more women getting jobs, being bosses, starting their own businesses,” explains 15-year-old Qahira from Wales.  

Qahira is supporting young women, many of which are seeking asylum, to boost their confidence and become leaders. She received funding to do so through Plan International UK’s Young Change Makers programme, made possible by the Moondance Foundation.  

“You’re giving people that don’t feel like they have a voice… you’re giving them the voice and allowing them to go ahead and achieve great things,” says Qahira.  

Head and shoulders shot of Qahira smiling with plants in background
Qahira, 15, took part in the Young Change Makers programme in Wales.
Charity smiling at camera
Charity, 19, is passionate about improving young people’s mental health in the UK.

Charity's story

“I think it's important to raise awareness for mental health,” says 19-year-old Charity from Greater Manchester. “I want people in the world to be like, 'You're not alone, you've got someone to talk to.’” 

Charity took part in the Young Health Programme UK supported by AstraZeneca. The programme supports young people aged 10-24 to realise their right to good mental health and wellbeing, regardless of gender.  

“It's good because you can express yourself to people and you can meet people with different problems, you can meet people with different backgrounds and cultures as well,” says Charity. 

Alice's story

Alice, 18, was a peer educator in Brazil for our Credit Suisse supported Financial Education for Girls programme.  

As part of our International Day of the Girl 2022 celebrations, Alice took over the role of Co-CEO and Global Chief Sustainability Officer at Credit Suisse Brazil for the day: 

“What impressed me the most today was just that, knowing and feeling that a girl's opinion is so valued. The sense of really being heard,” said Alice. “We can only learn by sharing our knowledge." 

Alice smiling at camera at front desk in Credit Suisse
Alice, 18, became Co-CEO and Global Chief Sustainability Officer at Credit Suisse Brazil for the day to celebrate International Day of the Girl.

Some of our partners past and present

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