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Children urgently deserve to grow up in a better world. One full of possibilities. Where they feel safe and supported. Where they can learn and grow. And where being a girl doesn’t hold anyone back.  

Your donations bring this better world closer. Providing water points that give children safe, clean water to drink. Or safe spaces where children fleeing disasters can find comfort. Or lessons in gender equality to equip the next generation of changemakers.   

Together we ensure children and young people get more of what they need to thrive right now. Whether you choose to give regularly or a single gift, thank you for helping protect children’s rights and keep girls safe. 


of children worldwide do not have enough water to meet their everyday needs.


girls are married before the age of 18 each year.


girls are out of school worldwide.

Muta, 11, with her parents and siblings in front of their house
Muta, 11, washes clothes at her home in Stung Treng Province
Muta, 11, with some of her friends at school

The tools for school: Muta’s story 

Muta, 11, found it desperately hard to stay in school. It’s 8km from her home in Cambodia. She didn’t always have enough to eat. And her spare time was full of chores: 

“I wake up at 4am, clean the pans, wash the dishes and then walk to school. I sometimes have to study without any breakfast. I feel tired, and sometimes, I sleep in class.”  

Things have now changed. Muta’s upped her studying with help from a scholarship, new bike and catch-up classes through Plan International.  

Muta’s parents also had support to grow their farm. This means less chores and more nutritious food to help Muta study: “My results are getting better,” says Muta.

Creating a chain of change

“I want to be a teacher when I grow up as I want to teach my brothers and children in my village so they don’t have to walk so far away from their homes.”  

— Muta, 11, Cambodia. 

Your support in action

Your support in action

Marwa, 15, was shocked when she had her first period
Marwa, 15, was shocked when she had her first period

"Water has made such a big difference"

Water tanks mean Marwa, 15, can stay healthy and manage her period safely in Somalia. Your donations help provide similar water solutions to communities worldwide. 


Jaba, 17, smiling and looking at the camera
Jaba, 17, helps to promote girls rights through theatre performances

"We challenge people's beliefs"

A theatre group gives Jaba, 17, a platform to promote girls’ rights and prevent child marriage in Bangladesh. Your donations help empower young people to drive change. 


Evelyn, 7, smiling at the camera
Evelyn Alexandra, 7, enjoys going to school and wants to be a lawyer

"I want to be a lawyer to help children"

A school scholarship helps Alexandra, 7, work towards her dream of becoming a teacher in Ecuador. Your donations give more girls a chance to write their future.


About Plan International UK  

We’ve been working with children and young people for over 85 years, responding to what they need. From access to education, to keeping them safe. Today we work in over 80 countries including the UK. 
Every year we spend at least 80% of our money on charitable activities. This includes responding to emergencies and long-term development projects.  

But we don’t do it alone. We work together with children, local communities, partners, and supporters, like you, to create a world that treats girls as equals and protects children’s rights. Thank you for being part of it.  

Sisters Bundorb, 4, Bunthorn, 6, and Pheap, 7 are sponsored children in Cambodia.
Sisters Bundorb, 4, Bunthorn, 6, and Pheap, 7 are sponsored children in Cambodia.

Other ways to give

Other ways to give

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