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How we spend your donations

Making sure your generosity has the greatest possible impact.

how we spend your donations

Making sure your generosity has the greatest possible impact.

When you give to Plan International UK, you're showing your commitment to a more equal world. That you not only share our belief that children deserve better, but that better is possible. 

We work hard to ensure every donation we receive powers that possible. That it has the greatest possible impact it can on the lives of children worldwide, with a focus on girls. 



Plan International UK spent £75.4m last financial year. This covers the period from July 2022 to June 2023. 87% of our expenditure was spent on charitable activities.

Our charitable activities include things like responding to emergencies, ensuring children can access education, and promoting their health and rights.  

Have a look at the pie chart to see how your money helped to make a difference. 

Money that was not invested in charitable activities was used for things like raising more funds to promote children’s rights and equality for girls. You can find out more about our income and how it’s used in our latest Trustees Annual Report. 

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A graph showing how Plan International UK spends donations

Our charitable activities in 2022/2023

  • 52% on long-term development work, including working in our sponsorship communities 
  • 34% on responding to emergencies and supporting disaster preparedness 
  • 2% on awareness raising and campaigning for change  
  • 13% through investing in SDDirect, a provider of high-quality, gender inclusive, social development services  

How your donations reach communities

How your donations reach communities

We are part of a global Plan International family that works with children and young people to create a more equal world for everyone.  

Plan International UK is one of 21 National Organisations around the world which raise funds for this work. These funds are then allocated to countries where Plan International runs programmes. Some of the money we raise is also used to promote equality for girls in the UK.   

This structure allows us to invest as much money in development projects as possible, while keeping costs low and reducing the risk of duplication. 

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Parbati's story

“It is difficult for girls in my community. If they are not married, they are a burden for their family,” says Parbati, 19, who lives in Nepal. She is one of many girls at risk of child marriage who have received vocational training through Plan International.  

“I received tailoring training for three months. I learnt basic tailoring skills as well as information on life skills such as gender-based violence, child marriage and much more.  

“Today I work in a tailoring shop. I dream of having my own shop and employing girls like me who refuse to get married early. I dream of becoming a strong independent woman.” 

Parbati uses her sewing machine to make clothes at her home
Parbati, Nepal, uses her sewing machine to make clothes at her home

Where our money comes from

Where our money comes from

Our work would not be possible without supporters like you who believe a better world is possible. We receive most of our income from individual supporters who sponsor a child, fundraise for Plan International UK, or make a one-off donation.  

We also receive funding from a diverse group of institutional donors, companies, trusts and foundations.  

To share how we are making a difference, we fundraise in a number of different ways. This includes door-to-door, face-to-face in shopping centres and other public spaces, and running adverts online and on TV.  

We are regulated by the Institute of Fundraising Compliance Directorate, as well as the Fundraising Regulator.  

Whenever we work with external fundraisers, we only work with ethical agencies who are also regulated by these organisations and are as passionate and enthusiastic as we are about creating a better, more equal world for children. 

Being responsible and trustworthy

Being responsible and trustworthy

We’re accountable to the children and communities we work with, as well as to our supporters, sponsors and donors who make our work possible. 

We’re committed to making sure our finances are clear and honest and adhere to international standards across our work. Our finances and day-to-day management are monitored by internal and external auditors.  

Investing in social enterprise

Investing in social enterprise

Social Development Direct (SDDirect) is a leading provider of high-quality, gender inclusive, social development services.  

In March 2020, we acquired SDDirect as a social impact investment. This means all SDDirect’s profits are donated to Plan International UK.  

A first for Plan International UK, this type of investment enables us to have an even greater impact globally. Learn more on the SDDirect website.