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Our team

We're one global team committed to making the world a better place to be a child, with a focus on girls.

Our team

We're one global team committed to making the world a better place to be a child, with a focus on girls.

A better world is possible. That's what we strongly believe at Plan International UK. But to make it a reality, we know we have to work together. 

We have an experienced and diverse team spread all over the world. As one, we combine our skills and expertise to deliver life-changing work. 

The best ideas to tackle the issues of the day frequently come from those experiencing them. That's why the communities and young people we work with and for are a key part of our team, too.

Through this powerful partnership we turn donations into welcomed and lasting change. Together we edge closer to the kind of world we all want to see.

Our worldwide team


We work in more than 80 countries.


We work in over 50,000 communities.


We partner with over 30,000 organisations.

Our people

Our people

Our skilled staff are working tirelessly to improve the lives of children across the world. Staff are working together across over 80 countries, each using their specialist skills and experience to build a better world. 

Meet Alia

“I feel that I am making a difference. I see the girls coming to join our programmes, I can see the difference that I make. Girls and parents trust us, that is why we have high engagement from children and adolescent girls.

“I started working with Plan International as a community assistant. For some reason, people liked and trusted me, and I used this trust to get more people and girls to join our programmes. 

“When I first started, it was at the early stages of Plan International’s activities in the camp.”

Alia is now an integral part of our response team in the Azraq refugee camp in Jordan. She leads a dedicated group of volunteers.

Alia is an integral part of our team in the Azraq refugee camp.
Alia is an integral part of our team in Azraq refugee camp.

Our global family

Plan International UK is part of the Plan International global family. We lead the work of the charity in the UK. This includes raising funds from the UK public and through partnerships with institutions, trusts and corporates; leading on advocacy and campaigning in the UK; and delivering programmes for girls in the UK, too.

Plan International UK works in partnership with Plan International to ensure the effective management and implementation of programmes we fund overseas.

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Communities leading change

Communities leading the way

We work with communities. Working together to understand the challenges that they face and identify the best way to create real and lasting change. This often means working hand in hand with community leaders.

Plan International staff member Chabala trains traditional initiators in Zambia.
Plan International staff member Chabala trains traditional initiators in Zambia.

Meet Chabala and Josephine

Plan International is working with traditional initiators in Zambia. Chabala, a community development facilitator for Plan International, explains why and how this works:

“The traditional initiators received training by Plan International on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Their role is to support girls into adulthood, and later into marriage. Since the training, they have changed their curriculum and now include boys in the process. The women share their new knowledge with other initiators who haven’t taken part in the training.”

“I was not aware that I had the right to teach my own children about their sexual rights and reproductive health,” says Josephine, one of the initiators who took part in the training.

“I was just waiting for someone else to teach them. Now I share my knowledge with my children, and help other young people and adolescents access contraceptives.”

Centring young people

Centring young people

To find the best solutions to the problems children face, we listen to the experts – the children themselves. 

Young people are powerful voices for change. From within their communities to the world stage, young people are demanding a better world. And they want to be part of that change. At Plan International UK we work with young people to give them the tools, training and platform to do just that. 

Meet Fethia

“Girls face various problems because of the communities’ attitude toward gender equality and child marriage,” explains 13-year-old Fethia, a peer educator in Ethiopia. 

Fethia leads a discussion group within her school:

“Due to the peer-to-peer sessions we facilitate, child marriage is declining at our school. In the past, more than 20 students would drop out of school each year due to early marriage, but now relatively few students do so. Every time we hold a meeting, students are excited and eager to take part.

“Girls today feel able to talk about themselves or whatever challenges they may be experiencing.”

Fethia, 13
Fethia, 13, is helping to change her community's attitude towards child marriage in Ethiopia.

Leading the way

Leading the way

At Plan International UK, strategic direction for the organisation is set out by our board of trustees, a collection of experienced professionals with a wide set of specialist skills. New trustees are chosen in consultation with the full Board.

Rose, UK

Meet Rose

“Poverty and inequality disproportionately affect women and children and there is still much to be done if we are to ensure children’s and girls' voices are heard and their rights realised. 

“Plan International UK’s work on children’s rights and equality for girls is inspirational and I am working with staff, the Youth Advisory Panel, trustees, partners, supporters and the wider organisation to create a fairer world.”

Rose Caldwell, Chief Executive

Our Trustees

Find out more about our board of trustees.

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