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When you sponsor a child


Less than 65pa day to transform their life and yours

every child sponsored, 72 additional children will benefit

For every child sponsored, 72 additional children could benefit

At least 80p in every pound

At least 80pin every pound goes toward our development work

My favourite games

Experience the wonderful imagination of Hennock as he shows you his favourite games.

Not only is play an essential part of growing up, it is scientifically proven to help the brain and development of children.

Our child sponsors help us fund projects that enable children like Hennock to receive a quality education and enjoy the time to be a child again.


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Child smiles outside a toilet in Nepal

How well do you know the world's toilets?

It’s easy to take your toilet for granted. Because it’s just a smelly bog right?! But what if you didn’t have access to a toilet and had to defecate in a field every day for the rest of your life? This is the reality for a third of the world’s population.

To celebrate World Toilet Day we’ve created a quiz that shows photos of toilets from around the world – all you have to do is guess what country the toilet is in.

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