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Existing Sponsors

Girls making heart shape with their hands in Vietnam

My Sponsorship

The connection you have with your sponsored child is unique and we hope you enjoy it. The photos and messages you exchange can really bring your connection to life.

At Plan International UK we strongly encourage that you send messages and birthday cards to your sponsored child. You might even be interested in finding out how to visit them!

You can discover the impact sponsorship is having around the world through the upates we send you, and should you need to change your contact details at any time, just let us know.

Write to your sponsored child

Writing to your sponsored child helps you build a strong connection and get to know each other better.

It’s quick and easy to create a special greeting, and we’ll help you out with some handy tips on what you can write.

The impact of your letter


Children love hearing from their sponsor

We regularly hear wonderful stories of how children have gone on to become doctors or teachers because of the encouragement they received from their sponsor
For every child sponsored, 55 additional children will benifit

Send your letter on an amazing journey

Our staff deliver your letters to your sponsored child and make sure they’re translated

Last year, sponsors’ letters helped to improve literacy for 1.4 million children

Every year around 140,000 letters are exchanged between sponsors and their sponsored children

Visit your sponsored child

Some of our sponsors visit their sponsored child to see for themselves how Plan International’s work is raising the community out of poverty.

Visiting your sponsored child will leave you both with treasured memories and a closer bond, and give you an insight into another culture.

"Meeting May and her family was a wonderful experience. We were invited for lunch with her extended family, teachers, community leaders and Plan International workers. We didn't seem to notice that we didn't speak each other's languages."

- Sara Stirling

Girl writing sponsored child

Give sponsorship as a gift

Did you know that you can sponsor a child as a gift for someone else?

They’ll also be able to exchange letters and photos with their sponsored child, so they can see the amazing difference their support is making – and you’ll be giving someone you love the chance to be part of an incredible and unique experience.

12-year-old Layza is a sponsored child in Brazil

Your role in keeping children safe

Safeguarding children and young people is at the heart of what we do – and our child sponsors have a unique role to play in keeping the children we work with safe.

That's why we ask all our sponsors to follow some key guidelines when they write to, visit, or share information about their sponsored child.

Tort was a sponsored child in Cambodia
Tort is a graduate from our child sponsorship programme in Cambodia


Many of our sponsors continue to support their sponsored child right up until they turn 18. But what happens after a child leaves our sponsorship programme?

We spoke to four inspiring graduates – Evelyn, Elizabeth, Tort and Ronald – to discover how sponsorship changed what happened next in their lives.

Frequently answered questions

What can I say in my letters?

You can ask about their school, their favourite subjects and games, their family or what they want to be when they grow up.

When will I hear back?

You should receive a welcome letter from your sponsored child within 2-3 months after you start sponsoring them, but feel free to write before then.

How long do I sponsor a child?

It's entirely up to you, however you can continue to sponsor your child until their 18th birthday.

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