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Visit the child you sponsor

A Journey Worth Making

Visit the child you sponsor

see their community and have the experience of a lifetime

Meeting the child you sponsor gives you the chance to see their world up close and it’s a day you’ll always remember.

You will meet and spend time with the child you sponsor and their family and see how our work is making a real difference in their community. 

The one day fully supervised visit will leave you both with treasured memories, a closer bond and an insight into our community development work.

Plan sponsor visits sponsored child in Peru

An Unforgettable Journey

"Any apprehension we felt as we went off-road and into the Andes, was soon quashed by the warmth and friendliness of the whole school who came out to meet us. 

"Hearing their songs, poems and stories was truly humbling and before long our kids and all the children were playing together as if they had been friends for ever.

"It was an experience that all of us will never forget.”

- Joe McLewin, Plan International UK child sponsor

Visit the child you sponsor

Start planning your trip by requesting a pack today

On your trip

You will:

  • Meet the child you sponsor and their family.
  • Tour the child’s community with the guidance of Plan International local staff and see first-hand the projects made possible by sponsors like you. 
  • Experience the culture, traditions and way of life of another country. 

Planning your visit

All visits must be arranged through Plan International UK at least 3 months before your desired trip date by contacting our Visits team at  

In the best interest of the children and their communities, sponsors are able to visit the child they sponsor after at least 2 years of continued sponsorship. We also ask our sponsors to have maintained 2 years of regular correspondence with the child prior to the visit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I go?

Request a visit pack today and we will advise on the best times to go

How far in advance shall I plan?

Please contact us at least three months before you plan to go to allow us time to make all the arrangements

Am I eligible for a visit?

We ask you to have been continuously sponsoring the same child for at least 2 years prior to the visit and to have maintained annual correspondence

For more information, contact our visit team at or read more of our FAQs.

Nigel Hall meets his sponsored child

A heart-warming visit to Thailand

Nigel Hall sponsors Krorngkaew, a 10-year-old girl from Thailand and visited her to see the difference his sponsorship is making.

Here he reflects on what the "truly amazing" day meant to him.

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