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Our work

Learn about the challenges facing children and our work to address them.

Our work

Learn about the challenges facing children and our work to address them.

Poverty. Hunger. Conflict. Climate change. These and other huge obstacles stand in the way of millions of children reaching their full potential. And it's often girls who face the greatest disadvantage.  

But working alongside communities, we are creating a different future. A future where every child can access education, learn about their body and their rights and stay safe when a crisis hits.

We do this by running impactful development programmes, responding to emergencies, influencing policy makers and campaigning for change together with young people.

Learn more about the key areas we focus on to help children reach their full potential.

What makes a difference

Why girls?

Girls experience inequality everywhere. The threat of gender-based violence and harassment follows them through every stage of their life. Millions of girls are robbed of their childhood because of child marriage. And it is much harder for girls to access their right to education and learn skills for the future.  

But it doesn’t have to be this way. When girls can learn, make decisions, manage their health and live free from violence, there is no stopping them. We see girls creating change in their own lives and beyond. The decisions they make and the roles they take up help build more equal societies. 

This is why promoting equality for girls central to everything we do. Focusing on girls' rights helps create a world where all can thrive. 

Learn more about girls’ rights

Lynne, 18, raising a clenched fist in solidarity whilst looking at the camera
Lynne, 18, raised her concerns about girls' rights and climate change at the United Nations.
Len Sokha, 10, picking vegetables with her mother in Cambodia
Len Sokha, 10, studying from books in a school classroom in Cambodia
Len Sokha, 10, carrying a bowl of vegetables on a dirt road in Cambodia

Our heart: child sponsorship

"I love my teacher and friends as they help me a lot," says 10-year-old Len Sokha in Cambodia.

Len Sokha is one of many children across the world sponsored by supporters of Plan International. Our child sponsorship programme benefits whole communities and is one of the most important ways we improve children’s lives. 

When you sponsor a child, you help provide both encouragement and practical support. Your letters cheer children on from afar while your donations help communities provide whatever's needed. 

In Len Sokha’s case this was the construction of a new primary school and support for her mother to grow fresh vegetables.

Find out more about sponsoring a child