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Sponsor a child

Sponsor a child

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Step 1
For every child sponsored, 55 additional children will benifit

Our child sponsorship programme benefits children in 50 countries

Do you have a specific country in mind? you’ll be able to select in the next few steps.


A one-to-one connection

You’ll have a one-to-one connection with a child. They’ll write to you and if you want you can write back, or even visit!

that benefits communities

Your donations fund vital projects, benefiting whole communities in the country where your sponsored child lives.

from as little as 65p a day

It's just 65p a day to sponsor a child. With at least 80% of our income going towards giving every child every chance, you know you’ll make a difference.


One in every four children is living in a country affected by conflict or disaster

Every three secondsanother girl becomes a child bride

Every 60 secondsa child dies because they don’t have access to clean water

If you're passionate about girls' rights you can choose to sponsor a girl



Protecting children during emergencies

You’ll help provide life-saving support when a disaster happens and help communities prepare for future disasters.

Providing clean water and healthcare

Your gift will help provide the essentials that give children the strength and hope to go on to reach their potential.

Protecting girls from abuse

You’ll help prevent child marriage and FGM and give girls a chance to go to school and decide their own futures.

Providing education and vocational skills

You'll give children a chance to achieve their dreams by providing books, uniforms and ensuring girls and boys have an equal chance to learn.

Sarah’s Story

Eight-year-old Sarah is a happy girl from Ghana who loves to sing.

Thanks to child sponsorship, Sarah has the chance to go to school, with teachers trained in her area. Her village now also has a safe water supply and toilets at their school – which means that whilst they’re learning, Sarah and her friends are less at risk of getting sick with diseases spread by dirty water.

Sponsor a child today and see for yourself the difference you make through the letters and drawings they'll send you.


Welcome pack and photos

Introducing your sponsored child, along with information about them and their community. You’ll also receive a guide book including tips on what to write.

Letters and drawings

Your sponsored child will send you a letter or drawing. You don’t have to write back, but they’ll love it if you do! For each letter you send, you’ll receive a reply from your sponsored child.

Updates about their progress

You’ll receive updates about the difference your donations are making to your sponsored child, their friends and community.


Pioneers of child sponsorship

Plan International were the first-ever child sponsorship organisation.

Over 80 years’ experience

Sponsors have been enabling children globally to reach their potential for over 80 years.

Leaders in girls’ rights

We listen to and empower girls to find solutions to the unique challenges they face.
The filmmakers in Ghana

See for yourself

For the first time ever, we asked children to help film, direct – and of course star in – our TV advert!

Mabel, Sarah, Desmond, Jennifer and their friends explain how they used to drink dirty water and how their classroom collapsed. Now, thanks to sponsorship, things are changing. They have clean safe water to drink and a quality education, giving them the chance to reach their potential.

Watch their advert, meet the film makers and discover what happened behind the scenes here! Or, to see for yourself the difference you can make, sponsor a child today.


Is sponsorship like adoption?

No, it's not. The child you sponsor will have a family of their own, but your words of encouragement play an important role for them and their community. Letter writing also helps children learn about other cultures and improve their literacy skills.

Can I send a gift?

Yes, you can send small gifts that fit in an A4 package. To promote fairness we ask you to follow our guidelines on what you can send. These include modest, shareable items such as crayons, note books, balloons, stickers, skipping ropes or inexpensive jewellery or hair accessories.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes you can! Visiting your sponsored child is a fantastic opportunity and will be a day you’ll always remember. The one-day, fully-supervised visit will leave you both with treasured memories, a closer bond and an insight into how sponsorship helps children and their communities.

How long will I sponsor for?

We hope your relationship with us and the child you sponsor will continue for a number of years. But, if your circumstances change, you can stop at any time and we will try to find another sponsor for your sponsored child. Children are usually sponsored until they are 18.

How do you keep children safe?

Your support will help end harmful practices such as child marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM). Safeguarding children and young people is at the heart of everything we do, which is why we have well-established systems in place to make sure the children we work with are protected.

How can I request more information?

Our Supporter Relations team are happy to answer any questions you have about sponsorship and our work. You can reach them on 0300 777 9779 or


Your sponsorship is more important than ever