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Partnering with Credit Suisse

Financial education for girls

In alignment with Credit Suisse’s core business and Financial Inclusion Initiative, the Financial Education for Girls programme aims to ensure that:

  • over 100,000 girls receive financial education through life skills programmes
  • girls have increased self-confidence and agency over their future choices
  • the agenda for educating girls is supported more strongly by families, communities and authorities at the local and national level.

Watch this video to hear from Juan, 14, who tells us about her experience of our programme in China.

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“Here I learned to chase my dreams," says Karoline, second from left. "If I manage to work and save then I will be able to go to university and study law, medicine or become a policewoman."


Karoline is 15 years old and lives in rural northeast Brazil. She is a peer educator for the Financial Education for Girls programme at her school, where she delivers the curriculum to her fellow students.

As part of the programme, Karoline started her own enterprise to make and sell coxinha, a traditional Brazilian chicken pastry. She received support to purchase the ingredients and packaging material before making and selling her coxinhas in school and at an organised fair.

Karoline also used her leadership and arithmetic skills to help her classmates complete budgets for their own enterprises. The experience helped her learn about business planning, market research, budgeting and marketing – and become more confident about her future.

Watch this animation from Credit Suisse to find out how the programme is supporting girls with financial education:

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Lockdown learning

Coronavirus has had a devastating impact in Brazil, one of the worst-affected countries in the world. With schools closed due to the pandemic, Financial Education for Girls is using digital platforms to keep peer educators and students engaged, connected and protected.

WhatsApp groups were created to help staff in Codó, São Luis and Teresina deliver content and set tasks, while also enabling peer educators to stay in touch with, and learn from, each other. Watch the film to hear from Bia, Gleyce and Gloria, who were invited to discuss their experiences of lockdown learning and their hopes for a post-pandemic future. 


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