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Laura Whitmore, Joanne Froggatt, Sarah Hadland and more show their support for international children's charity coronavirus appeal

Laura Whitmore, Joanne Froggatt, Sarah Hadland and more show their support for international children's charity coronavirus appeal

UK celebrities including Laura Whitmore, Joanne Froggatt and Sarah Hadland have shared their support on social media for Plan International UK’s emergency appeal, for vulnerable children and their families affected by the coronavirus crisis. 

Mariella Frostrup and Gillian Joseph also added their support to the charity’s global appeal. The celebrities all sponsor a child with Plan International UK, which works to advance children’s rights and equality for girls in over 75 countries around the world. 

The celebrities spoke about their personal connection to the children they sponsor, and how worried they are for them as coronavirus hits. 

Laura Whitmore, presenter, said:
“I sponsor 16-year-old Aiel-Joy through Plan International UK. Aiel-Joy lives in the Philippines, an area that is also affected by the coronavirus pandemic - workplaces and schools are closed and the number of cases are increasing daily. However, they lack basic supplies and facilities. That's why I am supporting Plan International UK's Children's Emergency Appeal. Please help if you can.”

Joanne Froggatt, actor, said:
“I’ve been a supporter of the charity Plan International UK for quite some time. I’ve sponsored a child through Plan for the last 17 years, and I currently sponsor a child called Emmanuel who’s 13 years old, and she lives in Tanzania. As I’m sure you are all more than aware, the coronavirus has had a devastating impact on so many countries across the globe. Sadly, it’s developing countries that may suffer the worst, with lacking infrastructure and healthcare systems. Plan International have been working tirelessly in Tanzania and many other countries to help support healthcare professionals in the field, to help spread the healthcare message, and to provide sanitation kits and clean water to help stop the spread of the disease. As well as supporting teachers and children embarking on distance learning for the first time. If you can help, please do.”
As the world faces the worst health crisis of a generation, the charity is deeply concerned about the effects on children, especially girls, in the world’s poorest communities where the impact of the virus could be catastrophic. 

Sarah Hadland, actor, said:
“I sponsor 10-year-old Nancy through Plan International UK. Nancy lives in Uganda where the coronavirus is already having an impact - schools and workplaces are closed, and there's real concern for those living in overcrowded refugee camps. Ugandan families face particularly high risks. That's why I'm supporting Plan International UK's Children's Emergency Appeal.”
Right now, Plan International staff are working around the clock to help people cope with the spread of coronavirus. Many children and their families in refugee camps and vulnerable communities are living without access to soap and running water, with scarcely enough food to survive from day to day. For most, self-isolation simply isn’t an option.

Mariella Frostrup, journalist and presenter, said:
“I sponsor 13-year-old Esnart through Plan International UK. Esnart is from Malawi, where unfortunately coronavirus is already having an impact. There's particular concern for people living in densely populated areas and I know that families in Malawi are at a particularly high risk. That's why I'm supporting Plan International UK's Children's Emergency Appeal and I really hope that you will do likewise.”
Gillian Joseph, newscaster, said:
“I sponsor 13-year-old Nathali through Plan International UK. Nathali is from the Dominican Republic where the coronavirus is already having an impact, with schools and workplaces closed. I know the Dominican Republic is one of the countries that could be hard hit by coronavirus. That's why I'm supporting Plan International UK's Children's Emergency Appeal. Please help if you can.”

Rose Caldwell, Chief Executive at Plan International UK, said: 
“The coronavirus crisis is having a devastating impact on families all over the world, and for children in the world’s most vulnerable communities the challenge couldn’t be greater.
“The support of our child sponsors is crucial in allowing us to carry out our life-saving work in their communities and beyond, including access to clean water and sanitation, hygiene kits and crucial public health information. We’re so grateful to our high-profile sponsors for giving their support to our international appeal. We hope the UK public will do the same, and donate today, or consider becoming a fellow child sponsor, to help families across the world face this unprecedented crisis.”

Plan International UK is calling on supporters and partners to donate today to the charity’s Coronavirus: Children’s Emergency Appeal. Your donation will help provide lifesaving support to children and families affected by the crisis.

  • £12 could provide a hygiene kit to a girl containing soap and sanitary products, so they can stay healthy and safe while managing their period
  • £22 could provide five children with radios and educational materials for remote learning 
  • £76 could provide three families with hygiene items for a month to help prevent the spread of the virus
  • £130 could install two hand washing facilities in a refugee camp providing lifesaving clean water

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