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Home Hairstyle Challenge for Coronavirus

Home Hairstyle Challenge for Coronavirus

Global children’s charity Plan International UK is inviting families across the UK to support its lifesaving work with vulnerable children and their communities by taking part in the Home Hairstyle Challenge and donating the cost of their regular haircut to the charity’s global Coronavirus Children’s Emergency Appeal.

As the UK approaches a full month in lockdown and with salon appointments increasingly overdue, the Home Hairstyle Challenge invites parents and carers to let their children cut or re-style their hair and either ask friends to sponsor them or donate the amount they would normally spend on a haircut, colour or style. Those taking part can share their before and after photos on social media using #HomeHairstyleChallenge and nominate others to take part, too.

The challenge is open to anyone looking for home hairstyle solutions. Those without children are encouraged to ask whoever’s at home – partners, siblings, parents or housemates – to give them a new look, or even doing so themselves.

Money raised through the challenge will help provide vulnerable children and their families globally with essential hygiene kits, access to clean water and vital public health information, as well as learning materials and support to keep children safe.

The coronavirus crisis is having a devastating impact on family lives all over the world, and for those in the world’s most vulnerable communities, the challenge couldn’t be greater. Many are living in crowded conditions such as refugee camps without access to soap and running water and with scarcely enough food to survive from day to day. For most, self-isolation simply isn’t an option. 

Plan International staff are working in over 75 countries to respond to the crisis, including in large refugee camps where families have been displaced as a result of conflict or disaster. In Jordan, for example, our staff are helping combat the spread of coronavirus in the Azraq refugee camp – home to over 36,000 Syrian refugees – by distributing sanitiser handcraft kits containing materials to make face masks and other protective equipment, with training provided via group calls.

A single donation of £21.25 could provide five children with home learning materials and a radio so they can hear lessons being broadcast by their teachers, while £19.26 is enough to provide three children with their own personal hygiene kits including soap, toothbrush and a sponge.

Alan Gosschalk, Fundraising Director at Plan International UK, said: “After a month in lockdown, most of us are in need of a haircut or re-style. Now you can let your children loose on your locks safe in the knowledge that whatever the outcome, you have helped to provide life-saving support to children and families affected by this horrible virus.

“So book your appointment at the Home Hairstyle Salon today and either donate at or set up a sponsorship page now. And don't forget to share your new style via social media using #HomeHairstyleChallenge.

“We know this will be an extremely difficult time for many, and greatly appreciate any gift people are able to give, no matter the size.”

Those taking part can make their challenge go further by setting up a fundraising page. We recommend setting up a Facebook fundraiser or a JustGiving page by visiting


How to safely share photos of your child 
We would love to see photos of your children’s handiwork as you embrace your new look and share your ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos. Before posting any photos on social media, please think carefully about what information you may be sharing about your child. For example, avoid mentioning their full name or details about where they live and go to school, and don’t post any photos of them without tops or bottoms on. Remember, it’s difficult to control where and how a photo is seen once it’s online.  

You must only participate in this activity if you are confident that the participating child is able to use scissors safely to cut your hair. By participating in this activity, you acknowledge that you understand the risks involved in this activity and assume all responsibility and any risk which may arise in connection with the child cutting your hair. You must ensure that the child is always supervised by an adult while participating in this activity. Absent any negligence by Plan International UK, we will not be responsible for any personal injury or loss suffered by you or any other adult or child arising from participation in this fundraising activity.