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Partnering with Study Group

Helping children after a disaster

with Study Group

Since the devastation caused by the 2004 Tsunami, Study Group have been supporting Plan International build safe schools to ensure that the world’s poorest children can access the quality education.

Study Group are an international education provider, specialising in the provision of world-class university access and English language programmes. Over the last 12 years Study Group have raised over £800,000 supporting communities in 10 countries that have been affected by disasters.

Study Group's fundraising endeavours for Plan International are global, with offices all over the world contributing to the amazing work we do together. From arranging book sales to global challenges; employees are committed to ensuring children access education safely.

Partnership highlights

6000 young peoplebenefited from the rehabilitated water and sanitation facilities in 21 schools in Pakistan

Over £800,000 raisedto support Plan’s Safe Schools Global Programme in Benin, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Nepal, Niger, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam

161 teachersacross 15 schools received training on disaster risk reduction mechanisms and child-centred learning in Sri Lanka

Girls at school in Nepal

Recovering from disasters

In 2015, earthquakes left 1 million children without access to schooling in Nepal. Study Group decided to fundraise to rebuild a school that had been devastated, giving hope to children that were learning in temporary facilities.

Due to finish this year, the school will ensure children have access to safer education through the construction of 10 disaster resilient rooms, including a library and science lab and computers labs.

Children at school in Pakistan

Creating lasting impact

From 2014-2016, Study Group supported a project rehabilitating 21 schools in Pakistan. By creating child-friendly learning environments and improving sanitation facilities, more students can go to school feeling safe.

“Because all the issues of protection and sanitation were resolved, parents gradually started to send their children to the school… No one believed that our school environment could change and become better day after day. In 2015, only 81 children were registered in school. Now 85 girls and 115 boys are studying in our school.”

- Usman, Headteacher at one of the schools

Build back better

Because this school will be 'Built Back Better', girls and boys at school will be learning in safe, quality classrooms, protected from disasters and hazards.

Improved infrastructure is at the heart of building a culture of safety and keeping children protected while attending school. In addition to the construction work, this project will enhance the capacity of the school on how to best respond in the event of another earthquake.

The students enrolled now and in the future, can receive an education with the peace of mind that they will not face the same levels of danger and disruption at school, as they did in 2015.

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