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How your money is spent

How Your Money is Spent

A significant proportion of our income is from supporters who sponsor children. We also receive donations and grants and we benefit from a number of large-scale corporate partnerships and long-term relationships with trusts and major donors. This income is used for our charitable work and to fundraise and run our charity. Our income for the year to 30 June 2015 was £80.4 million.

What we spent money on in 2014/2015

We spend 80% of our expenditure on charitable activities

80%of our expenditure was on charitable activities

34% of our expenditure goes to disasters and emergencies

26%of the money spent went to our emergency response and disaster preparedness work

47% of our expenditure went towards our longer-term development work

55%of the money spent went towards our longer-term development work

Trustees' Annual Report 2015

Trustees' Annual Report

For a detailed breakdown of our income and how it’s used, including information about our work and its impact, read our latest Trustees' Annual Report. 

Being Responsible and Trustworthy

Being Responsible and Trustworthy

We’re accountable to the children and communities we work with, and to the sponsors and donors who make that work possible. Find out how we ensure our finances are clear and honest and the international standards we adhere to.