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Sponsorship Stories

Sponsored children from Bangladesh

Our stories

sponsorship through the eyes of the children

In their own words, discover how the lives of sponsored children have been transformed, thanks to being part of Plan International's child sponsorship.

With the amazing commitment from our valued sponsors, we have been able to make a real difference to the communities of so many children.

Through sponsorship we've given children the support they needed to be their own agents of change. Sign up today and be part of the positive change we're making to boys' and girls' lives.

Laura, sponsored child, with her Mother

A lifetime of support

Laura from El Salvador was five years old when she was sponsored by a Plan International supporter.

"My story is of a person whose life was totally changed by Plan International’s programmes for children and youth.” - Laura, El Salvador

Discover Laura's story and what it means to be a child sponsored by Plan International.

What friendship means to us

Our sponsored children tell us what friendship means to them.

Sponsorship brings something positive to both your life and that of your sponsored child. Start a unique and fulfilling friendship today.

The Power of a Postcard

Meet Efraín Calles, a former sponsored child.

Now a teacher, Efraín fondly remembers the inspiring photos and postcards he received from his sponsor.