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Sponsor a girl

Sponsor a girl like Sofia today and help end child marriage

Sponsor a girl


By sponsoring a girl today, you'll protect a young girl like Sofia from child marriage and give her the chance of a happier, healthier future. To set up your sponsorship, choose a continent below and click ‘next’ to continue.

Protect girls like Lehanna from child marriage


Lehanna was forced out of school to marry a man more than twice her age. Vulnerable girls like her, from the world’s poorest communities, are most at risk. They’re more likely to be:

  • victims of violence and abuse
  • denied an education
  • denied making their own choices
  • vulnerable during emergencies

You can help stop this abuse by sponsoring a girl today. You’ll help keep girls out of marriage and in school, giving them the strength and hope to go on to reach their dreams.

Help girls like Evie grow up safe and happy, protected from child marriage


When you sponsor a girl, you give girls like Evie the chance to grow up safe and happy in a secure community. Your sponsorship will help to:

  • protect and promote girls' rights
  • provide books and uniforms
  • make schools safer for girls
  • provide water and healthcare
  • protect girls during disasters

What's more, you'll help boys and men to see the value of girls, so that everyone benefits.

sponsored child receiving letter smiling


As a sponsor, you’ll be part of a young girls’ life. You’ll receive a photo of her for you to treasure along with information about her and her community. 

She’ll soon send you a letter or drawing which you can respond to so you can hear all about her dreams and encourage her to reach for them. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to write – we’ll send your full sponsorship guide containing all you need. You don’t have to write to her, but she’ll love it if you do!

Your sponsorship will help train teachers

You'll benefit whole communities

When you become a sponsor, you’re not just helping one girl.

You’ll support projects in the country where your sponsored child lives and receive regular updates about the difference you’re helping to make for boys and girls alike.

Sponsoring a girl is not only a wonderful way to help give girls equal opportunities in life. Together with our 80 years' of experience and your kind donations, we can empower some of the world’s poorest communities with essential knowledge and infrastructure that will last for years to come.

Sanmya with her mother and brother in Brazil

Keeping children safe

Keeping children safe is at the heart of what we do, and we have well-established systems in place to make sure the sponsored children we work with are protected. For example, our trained staff and volunteers screen all the letters, drawings and photographs sent to sponsored children, and our staff support and supervise sponsors when they visit their child’s community.

When you become a sponsor, you’ll also have a unique role to play in keeping your sponsored child safe. We’ll share easy-to-follow guidelines, so you can confidently write to your sponsored child, share information about your sponsorship and arrange the necessary checks if you decide to visit their community.


What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship gives you the chance to create a unique, personal connection with a child in one of the world’s poorest countries. Your donations won’t only help your sponsored child – for every girl sponsored, you support her entire community to lift themselves out of poverty.

How are my donations spent?

Your donations go towards long-term community based development projects where your sponsored child lives. At least 80% of all the money we raise in the UK goes towards our work helping children and young people to thrive. The rest helps us raise vital funds for the future.

How do you help boys?

Whether you choose to sponsor a girl or a boy, you’ll help projects focused on equal opportunities for all children. We know girls are the most vulnerable and we ensure that boys play an important role in building secure communities that value girls.