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Now school children can stay clean and healthy

Thanks to support likes yours, there's a new toilet at school. The 2015 earthquake destroyed part of this school in Makwanpur district, Nepal. Children had nowhere to go to the toilet or wash their hands – putting them at risk of disease. Plan International helped build a brand-new toilet block. “This is even better than our old toilet,” says Mrs Sharmila, a teacher. “I hope that our new disability-friendly bathroom will encourage families that have children with physical challenges to send them to school.”


Now girls can stay safe

You’re helping to ensure a period doesn’t put a girl in danger. 18-year-old Senowara and her family were forced to leave their home when violence broke out. She’s now living in a settlement in Bangladesh, where simply having a period is dangerous. “I sit in the same place for 7 days because we don’t have any sanitary pads,” explains Senowara. At night, her mother takes her to wash, but this is when violent attacks take place. Now Plan International is distributing hygiene kits including reusable sanitary pads, so that girls and women can stay clean and safe.


Your impact


In 40 countriesTogether, we have supported children with disabilities, helping ensure they go to school


10,000 hygiene kitsAs well as distributing hygiene kits, we've supported 500 hygiene awareness sessions for families in Balukhali Camp in Bangladesh


1.87M peopleThat's how many people we have helped train in good water and sanitation practices, protecting them from disease


Now children can look forward to a better future

Thanks to amazing support from people like you, children can dream big In Bikaner – a rural area of northern Rajasthan, India – families lead tough lives working the land. Many children weren’t enrolled in school but that’s now changing. Plan International is refurbishing schools and training teachers to ensure children gain the skills they need to earn a living. We’re also supporting the Aflatoun club, where members learn how to save money and set up a business. With our help, all these children are literate, numerate and have big dreams for their future.


Now Emilen can be a bookworm

With your support, children are discovering the joy of reading. Emilen, age seven, is one of a group of children from Madriz, Nicaragua who are now bookworms. Every week, they take home a book from the Reading Corner that Plan International supports. “I read them with my little sister and mum,” says Emilen.

When you sponsor a child, you support the entire community to lift themselves out of poverty. Your generosity is making a vital difference to so many children's lives, thank you.

Because of you, children's lives have changed forever

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