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Four stories to brighten your day

Gertrude, 16, Malawi

Face of the future

Sixteen-year-old Gertrude is leading the fight for girls’ rights in Malawi. In a country where half of girls are married before they reach 18, and only 4% get to finish school, it’s a vital mission.

She, along with her friends, are members of Champions of Change, a Plan International programme that promotes the rights of girls and women in countries like Malawi.

Gertrude has been visiting the homes of girls who have dropped out of school. “Usually it’s because they have had a baby,” she says. "So far we’ve managed to get all the girls we have visited back to school.”  

Esther and Zoey, sisters from Uganda

A new life begins

Support from her sponsor is giving nine-year-old Esther – and little sister Zoey – every chance to grow up healthy and happy. 

Rural Uganda is a tough place to be a child, and disease is a constant threat. “There’s always one of us who’s sick,” says their mum, Thabita. 

Esther is already having to work to help put food on her family’s table.

But thanks to people like you, medical support is improving and we’re training families to build toilets and grow nutritious plants.

Hope after Cyclone Idai

One of the worst tropical cyclones to affect Africa made landfall in Mozambique on 15 March 2019. Thanks to people like you, Plan International could respond.

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We’ve enhanced the education of 12,751 children in Buzi District in Mozambique
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1 million

As part of our Safe Schools programme, nearly one million students across 33 countries participated in activities to reduce the risk if a disaster were to strike
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Support like yours provided 26,665 people affected by Cyclone Idai with essential hygiene kits and kitchen sets
Girls sharing a joke in Ecuador

The best way to learn

More than a quarter of children in Ecuador are being denied the chance of a secondary education. Instead of becoming whoever they want to be, they’re being forced into domestic work to support their family.

But thanks to the support of people like you, children whose families can’t afford to send them to school are now getting scholarships – and the chance to make their mark on the world. 

You’re also making schools a more inspiring place to learn, by providing better equipment, furniture, and other essentials, to light the spark of a future where anything is possible.

Erika from Ecuador

Education changes everything

Money was so tight for Érika’s family that she often had to choose between eating or going to school. Aged 12, she almost gave up on her education to go to work. But a community worker helped her get a scholarship and now she’s applying to study medicine at university.

“Without the scholarship, it would have been impossible to continue my studies,” she says.

Education is power. And by remembering Plan International UK in your will, you can pass that power on to the next generation, giving them futures filled with possibility. Learn more.

Babies smiling in Guatemala

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