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1 year of sponsorship

1 year of sponsorship

Congratulations on 1 year of sponsorship with Plan International UK.

As a sponsor, you’re giving children the chance to grow up happy and healthy and providing them with the opportunity to learn about the world around them. Your sponsorship helps to build schools and infrastructure, and supports communities by training health professionals and teachers, and implementing projects to improve everyone’s standard of living.

Without you, our work wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you.

The impact of sponsors like you

illustration of basket with apple, baguette and drink in it

In India

food kits have been delivered to over 96,000 families.

Illustration of 3 blue stacked textbooks

In Ecuador

98,000 learning guides were given to children in indigenous populations.

Illustration of blue bag with first aid symbol on it

In Senegal

143,000 reusable face masks were provided to vulnerable households.

Send a message to the child you sponsor

Writing to the child you sponsor not only builds a personal connection between you, it also encourages them to develop their writing and reading skills.

It can also provide them with encouragement to follow their dreams and achieve their life and career goals.

Send a letter

Girl takes part in COVID-19 awareness raising activity at school in Ghana