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Policy resources: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Two adolescent girls on a bike in rural Malawi

Power to Decide

Accelerating Adolescent Girls’ Access to sexual and reproductive health and rights

Every day, adolescent girls are making decisions about their lives and futures. These decisions are shaped by a wide range of complex and interlinked factors and impact everything from where they go, who they talk to and what goals they set for themselves to whether they have sex, when and with whom.

Centring girls’ agency and decision making, our report examines what changes are needed to make progress for adolescent girls’ sexual and reproductive health and rights.

A youth advocate and campaigner in Malawi

Noncommunicable Disease Prevention and Adolescents

Although 35% of the global burden of disease has its origins in adolescence, young people have largely been overlooked in global discussion on the prevention of noncommunicable disease.

In this report we outline the need to urgently tackle the drivers of ill-health that are established in childhood and adolescence, including tobacco and alcohol use, unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyle.

Young woman in Malawi
“When a woman can get contraceptives, she's healthy. She can develop to her full potential." Nester, 24, is a trained community-based youth coordinator supporting young people to access sexual and reproductive health services.

The UK and Global Health: A Stocktake Review

Strengthening the UK's Commitments to Global Health

Plan International UK is a member of Action for Global Health, a group of 50+ organisations in the UK united by a common purpose: achieving health for all. 

This stocktake report evaluates the level and composition of UK Official Development Assistance to health and makes recommendations for the UK’s role in global health in the coming years. Read more on the Action for Global Health website.

Improving health and water

Discover how we're improving girls' lives with health and water