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Milania, 16, is a girl leader in her rural community in Peru
Milania is a girl leader in her rural community in Peru


"Women and girls are capable, we are strong." Milania, 16, Peru

Milania works in her community in Peru to raise awareness of the importance of girls' education and the negative consequences of marrying and having children at an early age.

Supported by Plan International, Milania is inspiring other girls in her school to follow her lead and speak up, participate and share their opinions.

"I want girls in my community to be valued and have equal opportunities. I would like other girls in my community to think that if Milania can do it, why can’t I?"

Dorcas, 20, in the laboratory at the university hospital
Dorcas in the laboratory at the university hospital


“Seize every opportunity that comes along.” Dorcas, 20, Togo

Voted Togo’s Young Girl Leader 2020, Dorcas is passionate about sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) for young people.

She has previously taken part in a Girls’ Takeover with Plan International – an experience she describes as a trigger for her commitment to youth leadership. Alongside studying for her master’s degree in medicine, Dorcas hosts an online show focused on SRHR.

"I intend to continue my show and be a role model for youth leadership, especially for the promotion of girls' leadership."

Ety from Bangladesh wants to become a cricketer
Ety from Bangladesh wants to become a cricketer


"I will become the torchbearer in my community. People will know that girls can achieve anything." Ety, Bangladesh

Ety has big dreams to break social taboos, stereotypes and gender barriers to become a cricketer and represent Bangladesh at the national level.

That's why she’s studying hard at a learning centre set up by Plan International. She knows an education will empower her to make such decisions about her own life.

"If a village girl like me can become a cricketer, many other girls from my community will get the courage to dream and choose their profession as they wish."

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Anna, past Step Up for Girls participant
Anna, past Step Up for Girls participant


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