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Improving Sexual Health and Education in Uganda

Stand with brave girls in Uganda

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Teenage pregnancy in Uganda

2 million girls around the world give birth before they turn 15, every year

77% of young peoplein Uganda interviewed in our study never wished to go back to the health facilities they visited due to the hostility, prejudice and lack of privacy

1 in 4 girlsaged 15 – 19 years in Uganda are either pregnant or have already had their first child



In July the UK Government will be hosting a global summit where worldwide policymakers and advocates will be meeting to discuss global access to family planning.

In 2012 the world came together to promise that family planning services would reach 24 million more women by 2020. But we’re off track to meet that target, and that’s not right.

I’m coming to London to speak about this important issue at the Family Planning Summit. Having access to contraceptives and sexual health services should be a universal right not a lottery. Sign our petition asking the Secretary of State for International Development to step up commitment to improve global access to sexual health services and information for girls around the world. 

Sophie and campaigners are standing up to improve sexual health and education in Uganda

If a woman is not informed, she’s not empowered

People used to say those girls got pregnant because they associated themselves with girls who were bad and they had bad manners. I was told they were a bad omen. But that’s not true.

Discover why Sophie is bravely campaigning for girls to improve sexual health education and services in Uganda so girls have control over their bodies and future.

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I didn't have the knowledge to have safe sex

"My name is Annet and I was 16 when I had my baby. I was forced to get a boyfriend who promised me to pay the school fees and give me my basic needs.

"I would have liked to get the knowledge about contraceptives and negotiating for safe sex. Then I wouldn’t have got pregnant.

"After I had my baby I wanted to go back to school but I didn’t have any money to pay for child care.

"Now I advocate for young girls to keep them at school and achieve their dreams."

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Young people in solidarity

From Liberia to Malawi to the UK, young people show their solidarity for our campaign to give girls better access to sexual health services in Uganda.

Stand with brave girls in Uganda

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