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Nepal Earthquake

The destruction left behind

8,891 people were killed and 22,300 people were injured

893,000 homes were destroyed or badly damaged, including schools and health clinics

1 million childrencouldn't continue with education after schools were wiped out

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A Message of Hope

A message from one group of surviving children to another.

The young people who survived Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines have made a heart-warming video to share their messages of hope and solidarity with the children of Nepal.

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Our Work to Help Nepal Recover

52,000 households received emergency shelter materials

44,900 children got emotional care, counselling and psychological support

21,000 childrenstudying in 310 temporary schools built by Plan International

247 children were intercepted through anti-trafficking booths

71,000 women and girls received menstrual hygiene kits

325,000 people will receive our support over the next two years

Nepal: From the Field

Syrian refugees leave Syria

Support Children in Emergencies