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Haiti Hurricane Response

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Hurricane Matthew brought torrential rain, up to 25 inches, 16-metre waves off the southern peninsula and a storm surge of seven to ten feet on the south coast. 11 towns on the south are flooded and the main bridge connecting Port-au-Prince with southern departments has collapsed which is making access to communities difficult. An outbreak of cholera was recently reported in Randal and the flooding increases the risk of it spreading further. 

We have been working in Haiti for more than 40 years. Six years ago, Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake and to this day, thousands are still living in temporary accommodation. In 2010 we helped Haiti get back on its feet and our work to ensure children and communities are better prepared for when disasters strike is ongoing.

We are responding to Hurricane Matthew by distributing emergency relief kits for up to 20,000 families and ensuring children who are the most vulnerable during emergencies are safe. We urgently need your support to provide life-saving emergency kits and protect more vulnerable children

Lives lost

Around 800people have died

People left homeless

30,000 homesdestroyed

Flooded house

11 towns already flooded

Rosemika and her brother after the Haiti hurricane

The worst and most horrible day of my life

Haiti hurricane survivor Rosemika describes the moment the floods destroyed her family home: 

The water was like a monster, hitting everything violently.