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Haiti Earthquake Children's Appeal

Help children and families in Haiti

following the devastating earthquake on 14th August 2021

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On Saturday 14th August, 2021 a devastating earthquake struck Haiti. Thousands of people have lost their lives – with many more injured or left homeless with upwards of 70,000 homes destroyed by the quake.

Emergencies like this turn children’s lives upside down. Thousands of children have lost their homes, their education, or become separated from their families as homes and communities are devastated by the earthquake.

Your donations help Plan International and our partners on the ground to deliver life-saving services to those most in need, as well as supporting the long-term recovery of communities in Haiti.

"I was panicked, petrified and puzzled"

Ifanise, Plan International youth volunteer

"I was in a car when suddenly I saw people running, falling on the ground and a lot of dust, I couldn't immediately understand why it was so dusty. In the following minutes, when houses started to collapse and crack, I knew that it was an earthquake.

"I am still perplexed about what I feel, it’s difficult to find the words to explain it. When you see a mother lose 2, 3, children at the same time. When you see people ask for help while you are helpless".

- Ifanise, Plan International youth volunteer, experienced the quake first-hand.

Help Children and families in Haiti