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Coronavirus Children's Emergency Appeal


Children's Emergency Appeal

Over a year on, coronavirus continues to have a devastating impact globally.

For children, especially girls, in vulnerable communities the challenge couldn’t be greater.

India is in the grip of a deadly second wave.

With cases rising rapidly, there’s a shortage of hospital beds, oxygen, and basic medicine.

In many countries, the second wave appears to be a bigger threat than the first.

We need to act urgently to raise funds and support children and their families globally.
A woman receives food odisha state, India, covid-response.
A woman receives a food package in Odisha state, India, as part of Plan International India's coronavirus response.

India: the devastating second wave

Families have exhausted their savings during the five-month lockdown across the country. Livelihoods and jobs have been lost. 

Since March 2020, Plan International India has responded to the coronavirus in 15 states, 43 districts and over 3,400 villages and slums. In response to this latest wave, our team is already scaling up support, ensuring that the most vulnerable families get the support they need.

Our response in India

the impact of your donations

Rice bowl

465,400 people

have received food supplies

52,100 school girls

have received education kits so they could continue to study at home
Hygiene Kit

828,600 people

have received hygiene kits containing buckets, soap, bleach and period products
A woman collects food aid during distribution in Pibor county, South Sudan
We’re working with the World Food Programme to scale up food distribution, providing lifesaving support to pregnant women, breastfeeding mums and children under five in Pibor, South Sudan.

South Sudan: A Crisis on a crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has had a devestating impact on people around the world including families in South Sudan, where the situation is rapidly deteriorating. The coronavirus pandemic has been an additional strain on a country struggling with displacement and conflict, putting many families at further risk of poverty, displacement and hunger. Approximately 60% of the population are predicted to face acute food shortages this year. This includes 1.4 million children under the age of five and almost 500,000 women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

We're rapidly scaling up programmes including food distributions, child protection, cash and voucher assistance and school meal programmes.

Our response around the world

Our teams have been supporting communities all over the world, including...

In Paraguay

our emergency response programme provided vulnerable families with immediate support, including food kits and hygiene kits for 18,000 families during the most severe phase of the crisis.

In the Philippines

to help keep children safe from harm and exploitation, we delivered training to 706,326 individuals on how to better identify and report incidents of abuse.

In Nepal

we delivered 15,460 hygiene kits, containing buckets, soap, bleach and sanitary pads, to communities, including sponsored families. We also installed 69 hand washing stations in public areas and health centres.

Help support those most affected by coronavirus

Children in India and around the world need your support

Mother puts face a face mask on her young daughter in, Vietnam.
In Vietnam, our children’s and parents clubs have reached 52,660 children and 3,000 adults. Through the programme, we’ve shared vital information about the effects of coronavirus and how to stop the spread of the disease.

Committed to Child Sponsorship

Our child sponsorship programme is more important than ever right now. We urgently need more sponsors to help fund projects that will enable children to reach their potential, during the pandemic and into the future.

To find out more about becoming a sponsor visit our child sponsorship page >

As we continue to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, we want to reassure sponsors of the steps we’re taking to protect the children and communities we work with against the risks of the disease and the long-term impacts that threaten children’s futures. Should your sponsored child, or the area in which they live, have been affected by the pandemic, we will be in touch as soon as possible. 

If you’re already one of our amazing sponsors, our coronavirus FAQs for sponsors can be found here >