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Children are suffering in Yemen

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Our work with the DEC

While we do not work in Yemen, we are a member of the Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC). Your generous donations to help children in Yemen went straight to the DEC who, through the charities they work with, were able to provide assistance where it was needed the most.

DEC members have been working in Yemen for decades, and will continue to work with the poorest people for years to come, as they rebuild their lives and restore incomes destroyed by the war.

The DEC face daily challenges to reach those in most need, but they are already providing lifesaving aid around the clock. 

By working as part of a member organisation during emergencies, we work more effectively to use expertise and raise more funds to help those who need it most. We have been a member of the DEC for over five years.

Together, we have transformed the lives of children who lost their schools and homes to the Nepal earthquake and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, and whose lives were ripped apart by the Ebola crisis.

Helping Children in Emergencies and Disasters

Our work in emergencies

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