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Beirut Emergency Appeal

Your donations helped provide


Psychological support

for children affected by the blast

Education kits

to children from 34 schools to support remote learning
Soap_blue and light blue

Hygiene kits

and food parcels to hundreds of families affected by the blast
Children in Beirut were provided with psychosocial support following the explosion
Children like Celine, 17, were provided with psychosocial support following the explosion

Celine's Story

Celine, 17, was at home on the day of the blast with her family. “After the blast, I couldn’t sleep for the first few weeks, I used to wake up scared at every noise,” says Celine. 

Celine’s mother, Manisan, could tell her three children were emotionally scarred by the explosion and asked for help from Plan International’s local partner in Lebanon, Himaya. As a result, Celine and her siblings were able to attend nine psychological support sessions over two months. “The aim of the sessions was to overcome the shock of the blast, not for us to get rid of the shock but rather to accept it. To no longer fear loud noises or things that might remind us of the explosion, like fireworks and celebrations,” Celine explains. “After the sessions I learned to accept what had happened and don’t give it much thought anymore, it’s an event that happened to us in the past.’’ 

The psychosocial sessions have supported many children like Celine since the explosion, helping them move forwards with their lives.

Our Response

Plan International distributed supplies to families following the explosion in Beirut, 2020
Plan International and partners distributed supplies to those affected by the explosion

After the explosion, we were on the ground in Beirut working with local partners to support some of the worst-hit families and children, distributing food, hygiene kits and essential supplies such as sanitary pads, nappies, hand sanitiser, soap and face masks.


We provided psychological support to children like Celine who were affected, injured, or left homeless by the blast. 

Plan International distributed supplies to children following the explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, 2020
Plan International staff working to provide essential supplies to families affected

We have also focused on the wellbeing and protection of children and adolescents who lost or became separated from family, especially girls, whose lives were turned upside down by the disaster.

Our experience shows us that girls and young women are often worst affected during crises, facing increased threats of violence and sexual exploitation. 

Recovery from this devastating crisis will be difficult and long, especially with the ongoing impacts of coronavirus. Thank you for your support. 

Help us respond to emergencies quickly in the future