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Help girls at risk of child marriage

This year 12 million girls have been forced into marriage. When this happens, girls risk seeing their education come to an end and are at risk of becoming a mother while still a child themself. It does not have to be this way. You can help keep girls safe by donating £20 today.

Years of progress and support from people like you meant that finally, child marriage rates were declining. But the impact of the ongoing climate emergency combined with conflict and displacement means the risk is increasing. We know how to protect the futures of girls, but we cannot do it alone.

Keeping girls in the classroom is crucial to ending child marriage. Education equips girls with knowledge, skills and confidence for life. It helps them to make informed decisions and determine their own futures. Will you donate today to help keep more girls in school and safe from marriage?

help end child marriage

Worldwide, 23 girls are forced into marriage every minute. Your donation could keep more girls fed, in school and safe from forced marriage.


Najma's story

12-year-old Najma lives in rural Kenya, a country which is facing severe drought.

“My mother couldn’t afford to pay for my school," says Najma. "My dream of becoming a doctor was cut short and now I am busy working to put food on the table.”

With the increased pressure to provide for her children, Najma’s mother Lulu felt she had no choice but to take her daughter out of school and is considering marrying her to an older man.

“I miss school and I wish I could go back because I don’t want to get married at this young age,” says Najma.

No girl should have to live with this fear. But too many families feel like they have no choice. Your donation can make a vital difference.

Najma, 12, and her mother Lulu sitting outside their home in Kenya.
Najma, 12, and her mother Lulu sitting outside their home in Kenya.
Debritu, 16, was able to stop her own forced marriage in Ethiopia.
Debritu, 16, was able to stop her own forced marriage in Ethiopia.

Debritu's story

Debritu was 16 when she had to drop out of school to care for her mother and household.

“My father secretly decided to make me marry someone because he believed that if I was married, I would be able to better support the family. I asked my parents to stop planning the wedding, but they refused,” says Debritu.

Debritu was determined not to accept the marriage. She sought out Plan International’s Champions of Change project. Here girls here can learn about gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and the harms of early marriage.

“My parents instantly changed their minds and they called off the wedding.”

Debritu’s parents now understand more about her rights and encourage other girls to take action to prevent child marriage as well.

Help end child marriage for every girl, everywhere.

Banner image: Najma, 12, Kenya fears being forced into a marriage.