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Forgotten Children

Young girl wearing head scarf at daycare

Taking care of Forgotten Children

We help children in difficult and dangerous situations, in some of the world’s poorest countries. Our Forgotten Children projects take place in many countries including Togo, Timor Leste and Uganda.

With a donation today you could help a vulnerable child living and working on the street, a child who has been trafficked in to illegal labour or a child with no access to clean, safe drinking water.

The Forgotten Children Fund is our initiative to protect children from exploitation, abuse and neglect. We work with the most vulnerable and marginalised children, ensuring every child gets the childhood they deserve.


22% of all deathsof children under five in Timor Leste are caused by diarrhoea and other preventable water-borne diseases

37% of girls and young women in Kampala who engage in sex work have contracted HIV

9,000 childrenwere rescued from labour they’d been trafficked into over the past 5 years in Togo. A shocking 85% of them were young girls

Cherita with washing bowl

A Narrow Escape from Trafficking

"Last year, a woman deceived me into leaving my family to travel on an adventure, by promising me a better life in Nigeria. She then invited me to her house and hid me in a room for two days.”

Find out how we’re ending trafficking in Togo and helping girls like Cherita.

Emilia uses water pump installed by Plan International

Changing Lives through Water

Emilia’s Story

For many years, Emilia, a mother of four from Timor Leste, lived in a community without access to clean safe drinking water. With four young children, collecting water was difficult.

She had to walk for long distances several times a day which took her away from her children. This all changed when we installed a water pump in Emilia’s village.

“I cannot describe how much the water pump has helped our family. I now have more time to earn a living for my family and my daughters have time to study.” - Emilia, Timor Leste

helping vulnerable children

1,422 familiesnow have access to clean, safe water since we built or repaired 32 water systems across 90 communities in Timor Leste

25,800 slum dwellersacross Kampala have attended workshops to raise awareness of the importance of sexual and reproductive health

10,000 people across Togo have been reached through education and debating sessions helping them to understand the dangers of child trafficking

Barbara became a sex worker to afford to put her children into school.

I Became a Sex Worker to Put My Children in School

In the slums of Uganda’s capital, Kampala, as many as 18,000 girls and young women engage or have been forced into sex work.

"The hair dressing skill that I have acquired...has enabled me to pay school fees for my children, pay rent and buy food."

Read Barbara’s story and find out how we helped her find a safer way of earning a living – and much more time to care for her children.

Help the world’s most vulnerable children

By donating to the Forgotten Children's Fund