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Why does FGM happen?

Why does FGM happen?

Female genital mutilation (FGM) – it’s a brutal practice and an unnecessary one at that. Every year, three million girls are at risk of the practice that involves partially or fully removing the external genitalia. So why do communities put girls through such incomprehensible physical and emotional pain if it's unnecessary? 

The following infographic explores the main reasons why FGM happens and why it’s so difficult for girls to refuse.   

Our work to end FGM includes educating girls at risk, their families, and communities about the risks of FGM and working with esteemed leaders to advocate against the practice and challenge perceptions. We also work with governments to ensure legal restrictions are enforced and help girls who have gone undergone FGM with psychological and medical support. Join our Because I am a Girl campaign to support our work and campaign for a better world that recognises girls’ fundamental rights.   

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