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What makes a period a healthy period?

What makes a period a healthy period?

It happens every month for millions of menstruators worldwide. But periods are covered in secrecy and shame.

Think it’s all cramps and chocolate cravings? Think again.

Take our quiz to find out why periods and health matter in more ways than you might think (or have ever been taught).


When we learn about our body and stuff, they tell us that we do get periods but they don’t go into detail about it and what will actually happen and the pains that we go through. And I think they should be made to teach us it – as well as the boys – so the boys can also understand what we go through. Obviously they won’t feel it or experience it, but they’ll understand why our hormones change.

Kelsey, 14, Hull

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48%of girls in the UK feel embarrassed by their period

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27%of girls in the UK have overused a sanitary product because they couldn’t afford a fresh one

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49%of girls in the UK have missed an entire day of school because of their period

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