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Five ways you can celebrate International Womens Day

Five ways you can celebrate International Women’s Day

I could talk for hours about the women who inspire me – from Nimco Ali and her tireless campaigning on FGM, to Sheffield Olympian Jessica Ennis-Hill and my pal Suzi, who is acing her job in the historically male-dominated industry of construction.

Around the world, brave girls and women are speaking out against gender inequality and standing up to change their futures for the better.

In the last year alone, we’ve seen a lift on the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia, a change to the law to make up-skirting illegal in the UK and news that a blood drop emoji is on the way, following our period emoji campaign to help break down the stigmas and taboos that continue to surround menstruation. 
International Women’s Day – on 8 March – is the perfect opportunity to celebrate girls and women everywhere, and their successes. It’s also a chance for us to stand with them as they take on the issues that matter to them, from child marriage and street harassment to sexual exploitation and violence. 

So here are five ways you can support girls and women this International Women’s Day:

1.    Watch and share our video 

Girls aren’t weak. They’re braver than you know. From campaigning to stop child marriage and end trafficking, to fighting FGM and smashing taboos, watch our video and be inspired to spread the word.

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2.    Sign Fiona, Rowlings and Faridah's letter to their government

Youth advocates Fiona, Rowlings and Faridah in Uganda
In Uganda, as many as one in ten girls have been affected by sexual abuse and exploitation, and girls tell us that this is a real issue for them at work.

In Uganda, the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development is preparing to launch an official consultation into the sexual exploitation of girls and young women at work. Youth advocates Fiona, Rowlings and Faridah are calling for it to focus on why action isn’t taken when girls report exploitation – and they need you to stand with them.

Sign their letter > 

3.    Give a girl every chance as she grows up

Sanmya in Brazil
“I have become wiser about my rights," says Sanmya, a sponsored child growing up in Brazil. At her local school, we’ve rebuilt classrooms, created a computer room and designed a playground.

This International Women’s Day, you can do something amazing for a girl growing up in one of the world’s poorest communities, by becoming a sponsor.

When you sponsor a girl, you give her the chance to stay in school and out of child marriage, as well as providing her community with the essentials she needs, such as clean water and healthcare. What makes sponsorship really special is that you’ll also be able to exchange letters with the girl you sponsor, so she can tell you the impact your support is having on her life.

Become a sponsor >

4.    Raise money for girls and women everywhere

Sarah, who's running a half marathon for Plan International UK
“Working for Plan International UK, I see first-hand what an impact your donation will make,” says Sarah. With just over a month to train, she’s taken on a half marathon to fundraise for us.

From bike rides to bake sales, beard growing to charity auctions and comedy gigs, there are so many ways you can fundraise for our work around the world. See our latest races and events, meet our fabulous fundraising heroes and get all the tips and hints you need to join the incredible fundraisers that make up Team Plan.  

Find out how you can fundraise >

5.    Join the campaign for equal rights

Trafficking is a denial of rights. I’d like everyone to come together to stop trafficking.

– Sarita
Youth advocates Sarita and Sabina
In Nepal, youth advocates Sarita and Sabina are campaigning to end the trafficking of girls. Their Mayor has already committed to run a public awareness campaign – and that’s just the beginning.

We’re standing with young people around the world as they campaign to stop discrimination against girls and secure equal rights. From ending FGM and child marriage to making cities safe for girls and working with young people in the UK to realise their rights – we won’t give up until the violence stops. Are you with us?

Join our Because I am a Girl campaign >