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Celebrating World Book Day

Celebrating World Book Day

Join us as we celebrate World Book Day and some of our amazing education projects around the world.

Cambodia: a library fit for a king

Metrey is a Plan International sponsored child and a leader at his school. He wants to set a good example for others, to be a good student, a good son, and a good friend.

Metrey's entire school has benefited from Plan International's child sponsorship scheme, including a refurbished library with new books.

Metrey and his friends use the library at their school
"My name means friendly in my language." – Metrey, Cambodia.

India: the children’s literary festival challenging gender stereotypes

In India, Plan International’s Children’s Literary Festival promotes the joy of reading and encourages children to rethink the role of gender in textbooks, stories and images.

The first festival took place in Lucknow and was attended by 250 children, who were able to share their experiences with each other. They also received a bundle of books which they were able to take back to their schools to benefit their communities.

Children make a collage, to help rethink the role of gender in children’s books.
Children at the festival make a collage, to help rethink the role of gender in children’s books.

Ethiopia: boosting refugee children’s reading

Storytelling has always been an important part of Ethiopian culture, but refugee life can make continuing this tradition a challenge.

Since 2016 Babur, who lives in a refugee camp, has been attending regular reading sessions at a children’s day centre set up by Plan International. The initiative is dedicated to helping the children living in the camp to improve their reading, and encourages them to tell stories to their peers.

I’ve told most of the stories I’ve heard to my sister and brothers and friends of mine.

– Babur
Babur’s mother reads a book to her and her sister at one of the reading centres in the camp.
Babur’s mother reads a book to her and her sister at one of the reading centres in the camp.

Sierra Leone: learning to love books

In Sierra Leone, books are a rarity for many children. Few families have the means to buy them to read at home, and many children do not have access to books at school either.

In response, Plan International has been working with Book Aid International to distribute 10,000 books to over 100 primary and junior schools in eight districts across the country.

School girls in Sierra Leone with some of the new books delivered to their school.
“Thank you very much for donating books to my school and for giving me the opportunity to read and learn.” – Mariama, Sierra Leone.

Nicaragua: a generation of little bookworms

Every Tuesday, around 25 to 30 children attend a Plan International supported Reading Corner in a rural community in Nicaragua. The children are also encouraged to take their books home with them, so they can read them with their family.

The project aims to inspire a passion for reading, as well as improving the children’s vocabulary and performance at school.

My favourite book is called ‘A Legend of Nicaragua’. On Tuesday, I took the book home and read it with my family.

– Inner
Inner, 13, holds a book in Nicaragua
Inner at the Reading Corner in Nicaragua.

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