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At Plan International UK we believe girls shouldn't be discriminated against just for being girls. Our Because I am a Girl campaign focuses on giving girls an equal opportunity to boys and our campaigns tackle the real issues that adolescent women and girls face as a daily reality.

Periods – they’re normal, natural and happen every month. Yet, today they’re still considered a taboo. Even here in the UK, 64 per cent of women in the UK would feel uncomfortable discussing their period with their male friends. 

Don't you think it's crazy that there's no emoji that represents being on your period? We do. This menstrual hygiene day, we’re calling for a period emoji be added to keyboards around the world. Help us make the conversation easier by voting for your favourite #periodemoji today. 



Why we campaign for girls' rights

41,000 girlsare forced into marriage everyday

6 out of 10 UKvictims of reported sex offences on school premises are girls or women

only 12% of femalesin India have access to sanitary products


Jenny lives in a remote village high in the andes mountains

Because I am a girl