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Act for girls

A girl holds a sanitary pad made from locally sourced materials in Uganda.


Find out how we’re tackling period taboos around the world

At Plan International UK, we believe girls shouldn't be discriminated against just for being girls. Our Because I am a Girl campaign focuses on giving girls an equal opportunity to boys, and our campaigns tackle the real issues girls and adolescent women face, every day.

In the last year, thanks to your amazing support, we’ve celebrated some huge successes. Brave girls around the world have led campaigns and changed their futures, taking on issues from child marriage to sexual health and living safely in the world’s cities. But we’re still a long way from achieving gender equality.

That’s why this year, to mark International Day of the Girl, we’re shining a spotlight on the shame and stigma that surround periods and the impact this has on girls' lives – and celebrating remarkable girls everywhere, determined to #BreakTheBarriers and build a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

Why we campaign for girls' rights

41,000 girlsare forced into marriage every day

6 out of 10UK victims of reported sex offences on school premises are girls or women

Only 12%of girls and women in India have access to sanitary products


Periods. They’re a normal part of life for millions of girls and women. But around the world, they’re still shrouded in secrecy and shame – and we think it’s time that changed.

That’s why, to mark International Day of the Girl, we launched our very own Plaster Pads and asked: why are girls expected to hide their sanitary pads away, when no-one thinks twice about putting on a plaster?

Stand with brave girls

Help us achieve even more for girls' rights

Plan International UK celebrates 4 campaign wins for girls' rights

A year of incredible campaign wins

In less than a year, we were thrilled to celebrate four amazing campaign wins. At the UN Habitat III conference, we delivered a petition to global leaders, and secured a commitment from them to make cities safer for girls. In 2017, we helped change the constitution of Malawi, making child marriage illegal.

In Uganda, we asked Parliament to ensure girls have access to adolescent-friendly sexual health services – because of this, health workers will now be trained to provide these services to young people. And right here in the UK, we secured a pledge from the Government to make relationships and sex education mandatory in schools in England.

My story in virtual reality: Mamie's Dream

“Because I was born a girl, I’ve had to face many difficult challenges along the way – from avoiding FGM, to teenage pregnancy, and getting an education.”

In a country where 73% of girls don’t finish their education, Mamie’s dream of becoming a teacher in Sierra Leone seemed impossible – but she was determined to succeed. This is her story.


Jenny lives in a remote village high in the andes mountains

Because I am a girl