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Act for girls

Girls learn at a Plan International Digital Learning Centre in India.

Because I am a Girl

Stand with brave girls everywhere. Join the fight for equal rights.

Around the world, including here in the UK, girls still don’t have equal rights – and that has to change. That’s why we’re standing with young people as they campaign on the issues that matter most to them, from child marriage and trafficking to street harassment and sexual exploitation at work.

Our campaigning model is simple and, most importantly, youth-led. We work with young people and youth activists around the world to find out what meaningful change would look like in their communities and how it can be achieved. Then, with your support, we stand with them as they lead campaigns and lobby those in power to create lasting impact.

We’ve seen girls across the globe change their futures in this way. But every day, girls are still being discriminated against just for being girls – and we’re still a long way away from achieving gender equality. That’s why we need you to join our Because I am a Girl campaign and stand with brave girls everywhere in the fight for equal rights. Join us now >

Why we campaign for girls' rights

41,000 girls

under 18 are married around the world every day

13 million girls

are out of school because of conflict and disaster

2 out of 3 girls

in the UK have been sexually harassed in public
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Crime not compliment

40% of the UK public believe the Government aren’t taking public sexual harassment seriously. If we bring our voices together, the Government will see just how loud the demand for change is and we can compel them to act.  

Now is the time to up the pressure. Over 60,000 people have already joined our call for a new Public Sexual Harassment law. Add your name today and together we can change the law and help girls to stay safe. 

Girls from our State of Girls' Rights in the UK 2020 report

Girls' Rights in the UK 2020

In 2016 our research revealed that, despite living in one of the richest countries in the world, girls across the UK were being denied their rights.

Now, at the turn of the decade, our latest report shows the true extent of gender inequality in the UK. It reveals that girls are ‘fed up and frustrated’ with the lack of progress on gender equality, and are continuing to face very real threats to their safety in public, sexism in school and a lack of control over their bodies.

Stand in solidarity with girls in crisis

We must act now to ensure the new Government department listens to girls, especially those living through crisis, and continues to put girls at the heart of its global action.

That’s why, we are asking you to contact your local MP to call on the new Government department to seize this critical moment by setting out an ambitious vision which puts promoting equality for girls at its heart.

Act for Girls Toolkit


Period poverty: the toxic trio

Since launching our Menstrual Manifesto, we’ve been taking on the three issues UK girls identified as creating a ‘toxic trio’ of period poverty: the cost of sanitary products; a lack of education about periods; and shame, stigma and taboo.

Our Locked Out campaign highlighted the issue of girls not being able to go to the toilet during lessons at school, even when they get their period. Meanwhile, your support for our period emoji campaign has secured a new way to smash the period taboo, using one of the world’s fastest growing global languages.


Society needs a makeover

For International Day of the Girl 2019 we're asking you to #ListenToGirls about body image – so they know they can reach their goals and fulfil their potential.

Locked out

It’s time to stop locking girls out of school toilets when they have their period.

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