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Meet the Youth Advisory Panel

Youth Advisory Panel Illustration by Sakina

Meet Us

The Youth Advisory Panel


We have 22 Youth Advisory Panel members that represent the voices and experiences of young people from across the UK. Their role at Plan International UK is to provide a youth perspective on our work and ensure that children and young people are at the heart of everything we do. Hear from a few of them below and watch this space!


Iman is a member of our Youth Advisory Panel

Iman, 15, Manchester

I am interested in equal opportunities for all people regardless of their gender and other factors. I am also interested in the correlation between a society where men and women are treated equally (including men being free from gender mandates imposed on them for decades) and politics and the economy (political equality). I am excited to meet lots of other new young people and work with them to develop ideas as I am confident we all have thoughts as enthusiastic young people that can bring a fresh perspective and different way of thinking to the table.
Dinah is a member of our Youth Advisory Panel

Dinah, 16, London

I am passionate about the achievement of global equality and rights of women and girls and also recognising women making differences no matter how big or small, wherever they are. I’m excited to be part of Plan International UK, as I believe to make a change we need passionate voices to unite and make a stand which I know the young people of the Youth Advisory Panel will do. We are the generation of change: in unifying our voices we can make a difference.
Rachel is a member of our Youth Advisory Panel

Rachel, 17, Northern Ireland

I’m really interested in empowering young women, through education and governmental reform. As someone who wants to study Law, I’m really interested how new laws are being proposed across the world that could benefit future generations. I’m so happy that I have the privilege to be part of this UK wide panel and get to speak with young people with a wide range of experiences. I think it’s really important to listen and learn from others experiences so I’m really excited to hear from the other Youth Advisory Panel members.
Holly is a member of our Youth Advisory Panel

Holly, 18, South Wales

I'm a first year English Literature student, and a freelance journalist specialising in gender equality, women's rights and women's health with the aim of giving a voice to the voiceless. I'm excited to be part of Plan International UK Youth Advisory Panel because I strongly believe that unless we include young people in the shaping of their futures, they won't get a fair chance at living their best lives. We want to create a future to be proud of.
Dona is a member of the Youth Advisory Panel

Dona, 19, Warrington

I am interested in learning more about the importance of feminism on an international level and to work with the Plan team to make a difference where possible. I am excited to be part of the Plan International UK Youth Advisory Panel because I recognise the importance of working together when tackling problems. I believe the youth voice is critical in forming decisions and policies which will affect our future.
Ella is a member of our Youth Advisory Panel

Ella, 15, Northern Ireland

I’m interested in the fight for equality and those who work tirelessly to make it possible. From the suffragettes fighting for our right to vote, to now. The role models for us as feminists today, and for the future. I’m excited to be a part of the Youth Advisory Panel because I believe it’s important for young people to be able to share their experiences, use their voices, and work together to provide a better future for everyone!
Meera is a member of our Youth Advisory Panel

Meera, 18, London

I’m interested in global human rights issues, particularly those affecting children, and the history of feminism! I’m excited to be a part of the panel because this opportunity will allow me to learn more about the world we live in, and how we, as young people, can create meaningful change.
Melissa a YAP member

Melissa, 16, Liverpool

I have a keen interest in reading books with strong heroines because they teach us so much about how to take charge of our own lives without worrying about other people’s opinions. I am excited to be a part of the Youth Advisory Panel because I can’t wait to share ideas with fellow, likeminded young people who want to be a power for good in the world.
Elodie is a member of our Youth Advisory Panel

Elodie, 15, Kent

I’m interested in science and technology and improving opportunities for women in education and STEM. I’m excited to join the Youth Advisory Panel to meet people with similar interests and work with them to share our ideas and make an impact.
Kristie is a member of the Youth Advisory Panel

Kristie, 15, London

I’m interested in learning more about issues regarding women around the world and supporting them by standing in solidarity. I am especially passionate about women’s healthcare and promoting access to it, whether it be in the UK and abroad! Being a part of a community of like-minded individuals who all want to promote change in the UK and globally is a wonderful thing. I am excited to learn more about people’s different perspectives on feminism and applying this to make the world a better place!
Emily is a member of our Youth Advisory Panel

Emily, 17, Bolton

In my spare time, I work in youth commissions. I like making change happen. It drives me to do more and help more. I’ve been wanting to contribute to change the UK’s perspective and attitude towards Women since I was just 13 years old when some of my male classmates started speaking over me, disregarding my opinion and treating me more disrespectfully and differently to the boys in my school. It’s time that all women are seen and are treated as equal to men.
Maryam is a member of our Youth Advisory Panel

Maryam, 17, Leeds

I’m interested in girl power and what we could do in order to maintain our rights such as campaigning and using our way with words. Also, changing history and making it our own. I’m excited to be a part of Plan International UK because I believe in equality and making sure every young person is able to use their power for good and make change which will remain there for years and years, becoming young proud women to grown adults keeping that same energy and mindset and making sure everyone else has that too.

Amelie, 14, Gloucestershire

I am interested in STEM and in trying to make STEM careers a more equal place for women and girls. I am also interested in rugby and trying to reduce inequality and stereotypes in sports. I believe that inequality for girls and women is an issue that needs to be addressed by young people so that we can help to change the stereotypes and inequality as we age.

Isla, 14, Dundee

I'm interested in understanding current issues and how we, as a team can work towards solving them. I’m excited to be a part of Plan International UK because its great to meet with like minded activists and work together to make a positive impact on each other and the world

Aisling, 14, Surrey

I am interested in how young girls and people can make such a difference when given the opportunity and how today more than ever their voices are being heard. Gender equality is important to me too, we, as a society should be breaking out of gender norms and stereotypes and taking ourselves into our own hands to create who we want to be as an individual, not as a gender. I’m super excited to be a part of Plan International UK because it gives me a chance to make a difference and have a voice, especially if others don’t, I can raise their opinions through mine.