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Meet the Youth Advisory Panel

Meet Us

The Youth Advisory Panel

We are from across the UK and aged between 14 and 20. We all share a passion for campaigning for child and youth rights and work closely with Plan International UK staff. We run our own twitter feed which you can follow at @PlanUK_YAP.

Hi, I’m Rosa, 18, from North London. I’m a passionate social justice campaigner and a proud feminist!

Hi there, I’m Shan, 15, from South West London. I have a great avidness towards girls’ rights and my aim for YAP is to make sure that girls no longer live in fear on the streets, in school and even in their own homes. Furthermore, as a member of YAP I want to raise awareness around the different ways that girls are marginalised in our world today, to ensure that we have as many people as possible on board with our campaigns.

Hi, I'm Aless, I'm 17 and live in South Cumbria. I joined YAP to campaign for universal equality, and am passionate about fighting for LGBT rights and to help those in need, both in the UK and around the world.

Hi, I'm Rachel,16 from Newcastle. My inspirations are Malala and Ghandi, as both used non-violence to achieve peace. I'm very interested in culture, and I joined YAP so that I could learn more about girls rights, and hopefully make the world a better place. 


YAP members Shan and Rosaq discuss girls rights and the media at our Youth Action Festival
Left to right: Martine Croxall, BBC News presenter; Shan and Rosa, YAP members; Jessica Southgate, Freelance researcher; and Josie Verghese, Producer and Senior Broadcast Journalist for BBC News Schools Report, at our Youth Action Festival

Hi, I'm Jessica, 15, from East London. I'm passionate about girls' rights and with Plan International UK I hope I can help make a difference!

Hi, my name is Kinza, 19, from Birmingham - Malala's new home city! I’m very passionate about girls’ rights for education.

Hi, I’m Evie, 16, from North London. I’m a Youth Observer on the Plan International UK Board of Trustees where I raise my voice and share the youth perspective on the charity’s work!

Hi I'm Georgie, 17, from Hastings. I’m passionate about international development, human rights and advocacy. I'm inspired by all the other fantastic young people that campaign for gender equality, like Malala Yousafzai, and everyone else fighting to make the world a better place for girls and young people.

Hi, I’m Eva, 15, from South London. I’m interested in tackling street harassment and promoting LGBT rights. I have run sessions with my Guides group on child marriage and girls’ rights for Plan International UK.

YAP members Georgie, Jessica and Kinza launch ‘The State of Girls Rights in the UK’ report in Parliament
YAP members Georgie, Jessica and Kinza launch ‘The State of Girls Rights in the UK’ report in Parliament

Hi, I’m Michael, 15, from Bournemouth. I’m very interested in politics and international development and wanted to be part of an organisation that takes youth engagement seriously. I am a Youth Observer on the Board of Trustees at Plan International UK and am keen to make sure young people’s voices are heard at all levels of decision-making.

Hi, I’m Ambrin, 14, from London and I’m really interested in feminism and human rights.

Hi I'm Jessie, 15, from Cheshire and I want to create more awareness about girls rights abroad and across the UK. I think that by making small differences we can make a massive impact on the world.

Hi, I'm Rebecca, 17, from Greater Manchester. I am inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt as she was a role model to so many women in a very male dominated world. I have raised awareness about Plan International UK at my school and on social media!

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Join us!

If you are aged 14-18 and you're passionate about youth and girls' rights, then the Youth Advisory Panel may be the group for you!

We recruit annually so let us know if you are interested by contacting us at Raise your voice with us and let’s make a change for girls’ rights. Join us!

Find out what it's like being a YAP member by reading Keya's story. 

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