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Augusta’s story of being a Youth Advisor

11th January 2023 - 5 min read

“Joining Plan International UK’s Youth Advisory Panel positively changed my life for the better”

is a member of Plan International UK’s Youth Advisory Panel

Youth Advisory Panel members are advisors, ambassadors and activists who are experts in their own lives.

The time when young people were seen and not heard is over! So many of us have interesting stories, aspirations and ideas that can change the world now, not just when we’re older.

It’s important that we take steps to learn and grow, and the team at Plan International UK and my fellow Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) members are amongst the most hardworking, passionate and inspiring people I have ever met.

Joining YAP gives you the tools to work on campaigns in real time, represent the interests of young women and girls in the UK and beyond, and also the exposure in the press that is critical in the age of social media. So, what’s stopping you from applying?

Creating real impact

When I came out of my gap year and started a new degree course, I had no idea what I was going to do. I wanted to work on global issues, like girls' rights and human rights, and have a real impact in changing the policies of UK Government and communities around me.

For much of my teen years, I had volunteered as an ambassador for a number of different causes. While they were incredibly rewarding, I didn’t feel like I was making much of an impact – until I joined YAP. I was offered a position as a Youth Advisory Panelist that same year.

Now, I’ve come to the end of my time and want to encourage you to join too.
You can find out how here.

Being a part of YAP gave me exposure into the importance of working on real life issues. It’s brilliant. I’ve had opportunities to consult with DFID (the Department for International Development, now FCDO) and was part of the group selecting new CEO candidates for Plan International UK. I really valued getting to ask the candidates meaningful questions and sharing my recommendations with the hiring board.

Perhaps most excitingly, I also consulted on the 2020 State of Girls’ Rights report and got to advocate for the inclusion of refugee women and diaspora communities who are often lumped together in reports.

Augusta career
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One of the best decisions of my life

Working on these often influential and important topics not only gave me exposure to people and places of importance that are often difficult for young people like us to access, it completely transformed my career ambitions.

Having the title of Plan International UK YAP member on my CV has definitely helped me in forging a career in international policy and research, and has allowed me to get further along in my career. Working with Plan International UK has also helped me grow in confidence, network with some incredible people and push myself beyond what seemed possible. And it is something you could do too!

You’re not too young, or too inexperienced, to become a member of YAP. And boys, there is space for you too! I honestly believe that joining Plan International UK’s Youth Advisory Panel positively changed my life for the better.

It was one of the best decisions of my life, so make that decision and apply to join the team, too.

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