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Youth Advisory Panel

Youth Advisory Panel

Youth advisory panel

At Plan International UK, we know that young people can change the world. From tackling child marriage in Malawi to campaigning to make public sexual harassment a crime in the UK, together we are the champions for children’s rights.  

Youth Advisory Panel members are advisors, ambassadors and activists who are experts in their own lives. Their role at Plan International UK is to provide a youth perspective on our work and ensure that children and young people are at the heart of everything we do.  

No two days on our Youth Advisory Panel look the same! One day our Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) might be campaigning for child rights by speaking with politicians and another day YAP could be working with our staff to design a way to help girls speak up safely online.  Youth Advisors come to Plan International UK with a whole range of skills, expertise and lived experience.  


There’s no limit to where young people should have their voices heard. This year YAPs have:

  • Spoken to the Home Secretary about our #CrimeNotCompliment Campaign
  • Met colleagues in Plan Somalia through a shadowing day
  • Fed in to proposals put forward at the Government Department for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development
  • Engaged with Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp through the Plan Global Hub

YAPs have made their voices heard far and wide across Plan International UK and beyond.

The Youth Advisory Panel in solidarity
The Youth Advisory Panel in Solidarity


We have just closed our latest recruitment run for the Youth Advisory Panel! We can't wait to introduce you to our new cohort of Youth Advisors later this year.

We shape a way forward by bringing everyone together to learn how Plan works, and we listen and learn from young people as experts in their own lives and experiences. We share skills through workshops, training, and running projects with youth advisors and staff. 

Our YAPs have had the chance to speak in parliament, shadow our staff members from across the organisation, work with our partners like Chelsea FC and Urban Outfitters. And in everything that YAP do with us, we’ll make sure that they feel confident and supported by our staff team.  We can't wait to show you what our new panel will get up to.