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Working with Young People

Young people

At the heart of what we do

We believe it is vital that young people guide our work and make sure we are keeping our promise to put them at the heart of what we do.

The young people we work with are at the forefront of a global movement demanding justice both here in the UK and around the world.

We stand alongside the next generation, who need our support to build a better, fairer future.

Young people act as our

Advisershelping us improve the work we do

Ambassadorsraising awareness of our work with communities

Advocates speaking out about youth rights to people in power

Youth Advisory Panel in Solidarity
The Youth Advisory Panel

Youth Advisory Panel

The Youth Advisory Panel is the voice of young people at Plan International UK.

They‘re passionate about campaigning for young people’s rights and work closely with Plan International UK staff.

Meet the team and find out how they ensure young people are involved in our work.

Photo of a group of girls

UK Programmes

Girls’ rights are global, and the challenges that affect girls are universal. As an international development charity, we believe there is huge value in translating our tried and tested programmes and approaches from around the world to a UK context, and recognising the universality of the issues affecting girls.

We work with young people around the UK both through programmes focused on issues that matter to them and through research projects. 

Youth for Education in Emergencies

Youth for change is a global network of young activists working in partnership with organisations, including Plan International UK, and governments to challenge the gender inequality that affects young people. 

The organisation aims to tackle violence against girls and create positive change for young people. 

Youth For Change launched in 2014 and currently has teams based in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, UK, and Tanzania.

Young people are central to our campaigns

find out about our work to influence political policies around the world