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Sponsorship: A gateway to a new world

Two families tell us what it means to them

A unique friendship

I’d say to my friends that sponsoring a child from a different country is a very good idea. Because it’s a gateway to a new world.

Baxter, 11, child sponsor

Baxter and his family sponsor a boy called Luis from Peru with Plan International UK. Their support has given his community better education and better sanitation. Through exchanging sponsorship letters they get to really understand how Luis and his community have grown. Their unique connection will last a long time.

A better chance

It’s critical that men support girls to become educated and have equal life chances.

Justin, child sponsor

Justin and his two teenage daughters, Lottie and Lucy, sponsor a girl in Ghana with Plan International UK. Their support means she can receive a quality education and equal opportunities in life. Lottie and Lucy enjoy sponsoring a girl as it has felt more personal and relatable. They often reflect on certain times in their lives and how similar they are, but also how drastically different their worlds are.

Experience a whole new world

Change a life by sponsoring a child today