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Sponsor a child

Sponsor a child girl lives in Cayes-Jacmel

Help give every child, every chance

Sponsor a child

Every child is unique and deserves the chance to dream, to achieve incredible things and to look forward to a wonderful future. By becoming a sponsor you’re helping break the cycle of poverty for your sponsored child and their community.

Become a sponsor today and you’ll help boys and girls have equal access to safe clean water, healthcare and education. And with at least 80% of every pound you donate going towards projects and initiatives that give children every chance to thrive, you can be sure you’ll make a lasting difference to entire communities.

Sponsoring a child is an incredible experience. You are able to exchange letters and photos with your sponsored child and see how much your support is helping transform their life and the lives of those around them.

Sponsor a child

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Step 1
For every child sponsored, 55 additional children will benifit

Our child sponsorship programme benefits children in 50 countries

Do you have a specific country in mind? you’ll be able to select in the next few steps.
Sponsor a girl like Lehanna


Sponsor a girl today and you can help protect girls like Lehanna. Forced out of school to marry a man twice her age, she is one of the 40,000 children who are married around the world, every day.

Your sponsorship will help girls out of child marriage and into school, as well as providing communities with clean water, healthcare and all the things that give girls strength and hope.

You’ll also be able to exchange letters with the girl you sponsor – so you can see the difference you’re making to her life and her future.

Sponsored children

benefitting whole communities

When you sponsor a child with Plan International UK, you’re not just helping one child - you’re making improvements that benefit everyone in his or her community and beyond. Projects include building schools, digging wells, training teachers and providing vaccinations.

Sponsorship educates an entire community, it improves medical infrastructure, it provides water and sanitation and ensures that a community is prepared for disaster, should an emergency happen.

smiling school girl

Sponsorship as a gift

Did you know you can sponsor a child as a gift for someone else?
By sponsoring a child as a gift, you’re helping give every child, every chance whilst giving someone you love the chance to be a part of something wonderful.

Sponsored girl in Haiti

How sponsorship supports children

"Now I am able to read and write. I owe what I am today to my sponsor and I am so grateful. 

"I dream of becoming a famous doctor so that I can take care of not only my brothers and sisters, but also all the people who need health care in my country, which was struck so hard by the cholera epidemic."

- Pauline, from Haiti, has been a sponsored child through Plan International since first grade.

Your connection

When you sign up to be a sponsor we’ll send you a welcome pack with a photo of your sponsored child and information about them and their community. This will be followed by a letter or drawing from your sponsored child, which you can respond to.

You’ll receive annual updates and photos, so that you can follow your sponsored child's progress and find out more about the activities that Plan International is supporting in their community.  

Being a Sponsor

Find out what you’ll receive when you sponsor a child and how it will change their lives

Frequently Asked Questions

How does sponsorship work?

Child sponsorship creates a unique personal connection between you and a child in one of the developing countries where Plan International UK works

How are my donations spent?

Your donations go towards long-term community based development projects where your sponsored child lives. At least 80% of every pound you donate will go towards our development work

How does a child benefit?

Your donations will go toward providing the basics that every child needs so they’ll be more likely to grow up healthy and happy