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Sarah standing up in front of her friends, Ghana


Eight-year-old Sarah lives in a remote village in Ghana. She’s a happy girl who loves to sing. And thanks to child sponsorship, her future is looking bright.

Sarah has the chance to go to school because teachers have been trained in her area, and her village now has a safe water supply. Children in her community have toilets at their school – which means that whilst they’re learning, Sarah and her friends are less at risk of getting sick with diseases spread by dirty water.

All this has been made possible with the support of our incredible sponsors. Become a sponsor today and help give every child, every chance.

Child Smiling holding a baby, Ghana


When you sponsor a child through Plan International UK, you’ll see a whole community flourish.

Sponsorship supports projects like building schools, training teachers, providing vaccinations and digging wells, so everyone has clean water.

Child sponsorship also provides vital medical infrastructure and sanitation, so the community can stand strong against future emergencies.

See for yourself

By sponsoring a child today, you could give them access to quality education and help their whole community to flourish. To set up your sponsorship, choose a continent below and click ‘next’ to continue.

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For every child sponsored, 55 additional children will benifit

Our child sponsorship programme benefits children in 50 countries

Do you have a specific country in mind? you’ll be able to select in the next few steps.
Child writing, Ghana


As a sponsor, you’ll be part of a young child’s life. You’ll receive a photo of them for you to treasure, along with information about them and their community. 

They’ll soon send you a letter or drawing which you can respond to, so you can hear all about their dreams and encourage them to reach for them. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to write – we’ll send you a full sponsorship guide containing everything need. You don’t have to write to them, but they’ll love it if you do!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are my donations spent?

At least 80% of our income is spent on our work to give every child, every chance. The rest helps to raise vital funds for the future.

How does sponsorship work?

Child sponsorship creates a unique personal connection between you and a child growing up in one of the world's poorest communities, where Plan International UK works.

How does a child benefit?

Your donations will go toward providing the basics that every child needs, so they’ll be more likely to grow up healthy and happy.