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See for yourself

See Sponsorship for yourself

Experience life through children's eyes

See behind the scenes and find out how the children filmed their lives

We want you to see the real difference sponsorship can make. So we gave video cameras to a group of children in Ghana – so they could share their stories and show you their lives.

Will you be part of a child's amazing story?

Meet the children

“I filmed it!”

Priscilla found all sorts of interesting things to show you. She’s been badly sick with malaria, so it was great to see her healthy and full of energy and excitement.

“I directed it!”

Our brilliant director – also called Priscilla – was great at organising things and teaching the younger children to use their video cameras.

“I helped!”

Desmond is a bright little boy who seemed to pop up everywhere, offering to help with anything that was needed. He told us he wants to be a cameraman when he grows up.

“I was there too!”

Jennifer was shy to start with, but really wanted to get involved and became a real star behind the scenes, helping to make things happen.


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Step 1
For every child sponsored, 55 additional children will benifit

Our child sponsorship programme benefits children in 50 countries

Do you have a specific country in mind? you’ll be able to select in the next few steps.

Meet Priscilla

Meet Priscilla, who works for Plan Ghana. She was interviewed by Desmond, who asked her lots of questions about her job – and how she’s seen sponsorship change the lives of children like him.

Mila, Plan International UK, holding a camera

Meet Mila

"Seeing the impact first hand made me more determined then ever to help children tell their stories."

"Hi, my name is Mila and I’ve worked with Plan International UK for almost three years.

"I was very excited to support the children as they made their own TV advert. And I have to say, I have never had so much fun filming a TV advert before! You can read about how it went below."


"The first day started with a planning session with all the children – drawing pictures of what they do in a typical day and deciding what topics to focus on. Mabel, Sarah, Priscilla and their friends started to get to grips with the cameras and quickly were naturals on film.

"Don’t get me wrong, it was hard work and there were some interesting interruptions, from sudden thunder storms blowing the props everywhere, to a wedding taking place down the road with amazingly loud music that bellowed over the children’s voices as they said their lines.

"These brought giggles and momentary chaos among the children, yet I was so impressed to see the commitment they showed to their project. They’re all such stars.

"The highlight for me was getting to know them, in particular seeing how much they helped each other out. It always inspires me to see how keen children are to learn, so it was great to hear that they enjoyed this experience.

"Filming ended on a high – in true professional style, the children gathered in front of the camera and shouted… it’s a WRAP! There was a real feeling of achievement and it felt so good to know they were proud of what they’d done.

"I think the end result is very effective – I hope you all find it interesting to see for yourself what their lives are like and the difference sponsorship makes." 

See for yourself

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