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Life after child sponsorship

Life after child sponsorship

Give a child a chance with sponsorship and it's amazing what happens next.

Evelyn, Ronald and Hellen have one thing in common.

They were all given a chance by someone like you, who sponsored them through Plan International while they were growing up.

Now they’re taking on the world – and making sure the next generation have a chance in life, too.

Evelyn, 32

It was Evelyn’s mum who enrolled her for Plan International's child sponsorship programme.

She knew it would give her daughter the chance to go to school – where Evelyn always dreamt of becoming a teacher.

Today, her dream has come true, and now she’s a role model for the girls she teaches. 

She’s also supporting her own children to take on the world, so they can have the same chance she did.

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Ronald, 25

I am so proud. My piggery funds my siblings’ school fees. They are all at school because of that one statement from my sponsor.

An inspirational letter and a photo from his sponsor was all it took to give Ronald the self-belief to set up his own business. 

“My sponsor told me about a farm he went to and took a picture of a pig, and I really loved it. I promised myself when I grew up I would have a farm of that kind," he explains.

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Hellen, 26

As a sponsored child, Hellen had the chance to go to school, drink clean water and go on to get a successful job.

And when Hellen’s sponsor gave her a chance, they gave her community a chance too.

Today, there’s a new classroom in Hellen’s school, a new borehole for the community, and one more educated girl taking on the world.

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