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For every child sponsored, 55 additional children will benifit

Our child sponsorship programme benefits children in 45 countries

Do you have a specific country in mind? you’ll be able to select in the next few steps.
Eudel, 8, Zimbabwe - Sponsored child
“If I could meet the sponsors, I will be happy, clean and wearing a presentable uniform. I would like to tell them: ‘Thank you very much’.” Eudel, 8, Zimbabwe - Sponsored child

You’ll change the lives of children like Eudel

Like most 8-year-old girls, Eudel likes going to school, playing with her friends and spending time with her grandmother – especially enjoying her cooking! But growing up in a rural community in Zimbabwe, where few resources were available, posed several challenges for her family’s ability to meet daily living needs. Now, thanks to Plan International and Child Sponsorship, Eudel can source clean water from a nearby well, eat balanced meals and attend school with her friends, while also looking forward to a brighter future.

Judy Seall, Sponsor

You’ll join a community of sponsors

Your £19.50 monthly gift is added to those from other sponsors, so together you achieve things you couldn’t on your own – like building a school or digging a well. Judy Seall, who sponsors Ana from Guatemala, says: “I can’t change every girl’s situation – I’m only one person. But if everybody does something, then it quickly multiplies.”

That's just 65p a day. Thanks to sponsors, if a child is ill, they could see a doctor. When they’re thirsty, they could have clean water to drink. As they get older, they could learn to read and write.

Life chances for children...

living in the world’s poorest countries

Every 90 secondsa child dies from drinking unsafe water

1 in 4young people in the countries we work in are unable to read

Every 2 secondsa girl under 18 is married

Yasmin Rivera, Community Worker, Honduras

You’ll have a dedicated team on the ground

Plan International’s expert field staff are committed to transparency and accountability, making sure your sponsorship has the greatest possible impact. Community Worker Yasmin Rivera, from Honduras, says: “I can promise that, through your sponsorship, you will transform lives. You will help to keep children safe and enable them to go to school and girls to lead fuller, more independent lives.”

Jane French, Volunteer Trustee, Plan International

Your donation will be used effectively

Every penny you donate is monitored by volunteer trustees like Jane French. She says:

“I support the procedures that ensure that no money is wasted, with at least 80% of our income spent on charitable activities including our emergency response work and long-term development projects. As a trustee, I also make sure everybody in Plan International continues to adhere to child protection regulations.”

Life chances for a child...

with your sponsorship

Health illustration

Over 95%grow up healthier

Education illustration

9 in 10go to school

Water illustration

7 in 10have better access to water

I have been sponsored since I was five. I am in year 6 now and like to learn Hindi poems and play with my friends. I want to be a teacher and help other children. I am so happy to be a sponsored child. Thank you!

Nisha, 11, India - Sponsored child

Join a community of child sponsors

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