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How sponsorship is changing lives

Sponsored children

Changing lives

with child sponsorship

When you’re sponsoring a child with Plan International UK, you’re not just helping one child - you’re making improvements that benefit everyone in the sponsored child’s community and beyond.

Our successful sponsorship programme doesn't just provide clothing or a series of immunisation jabs - it’s about changing the nature of a community for the benefit of everyone.

Here are some of the different ways your sponsorship is supporting communities to thrive and become self-sufficient.

Sponsorship helped

Train 8,570 farmers in techniques to increase production in India

6,500 indigenous childrenin Guatemala benefit from improved school infrastructure and teacher training

7,200 communitiesin Sierra Leone served by a new health centre

Girls in classroom

Sponsorship Educates

an Entire Community

The money we receive from child sponsorship is used to improve the educational opportunities of children in countries we work in.

Education has a direct impact on life expectancy and overall health. It’s also a powerful agent of change that can lift generations out of poverty - educated parents are more likely to see the value of education for their children.

Girls outside medical centre

Sponsorship Improves

Medical Infrastructure

In developing countries access to any kind of health care can be practically non-existent, especially for the more vulnerable members of society.

Child sponsorship funds the building of medical centres and training of staff such as mobile nurses and midwifes who can carry out work in remote villages.

The money we receive from sponsorship also helps create educational programmes surrounding preventable health issues, helping to reduce the burden on often stretched medical resources.

The success of Sponsorship


Improving one child’s life would still make sponsorship worthwhile, but our sponsorship has the power to change entire communities and even a nation


There’s no quick fix to the problems developing nations face, but child sponsorship really does provide sustainable, lasting change that will benefit generations to come


Local children are involved in deciding, planning and carrying out projects, and as a sponsor you'll see the impact your donations are making, through the eyes of your sponsored child
Girls washing their hands

Sponsorship Provides

Water and Sanitation

Access to safe, clean drinking water and adequate sanitation is vital to improve children's life expectancy and overall health of children. Every year, 860,000 children die from water and sanitation-related diseases. 

The money we receive from child sponsorship helps to build wells, pipework and sanitation facilities. It also helps roll out programmes that educate people on the importance of hygiene and how to be hygienic.


Children preparing for a disaster

Sponsorship Prepares

Communities for Disasters

When disasters strike, whole communities can be devastated. In developing countries there is often little in the way of support to help people survive famines, droughts, earthquakes or social upheaval such as war.

Child sponsorship helps fund programmes to ensure that people are better prepared for emergencies, and that support is made available to help them recover and rebuild their lives.