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Give her the power of education

11-year-old Emma smiling

Give her the power of education

You’re about to do something amazing. By becoming a sponsor today, you’ll give a girl like Emma the most powerful weapon she can have against poverty – an education. To set up your sponsorship, simply click on the button below and follow the quick and simple steps.

11-year-old Emma with her friend in Zambia


Around the world, girls face violence, abuse and oppression. And it’s the poorest girls who are most at risk.

Sponsor a girl today and you’ll empower her and others in her community, giving them the chance to learn and thrive.

As well as helping to provide school books, train teachers and make schools safer for girls, you’ll help communities see the value of girls.

Through projects working with girls, boys, women and men, you’ll ensure girls’ voices are heard and they’re given the same opportunities. Because when a girl goes to school, she can achieve incredible things for herself, her family and her community.

What is sponsorship?

Sponsorship gives you the chance to create a unique, personal connection with a child in one of the world’s poorest countries. Your donations won’t only help your sponsored child – for every girl sponsored, an additional 72 children can benefit!

How are my donations spent?

On protecting girls and providing water, healthcare and education to help their communities out of poverty. At least 80% of your donations go directly to projects in the country where your sponsored child lives, the rest helps raise more donations!

What will I receive?

A welcome pack with a photo of your sponsored child and information about them and their community. This will be followed by a letter or drawing from them, which you can respond to. You’ll also receive annual updates, so that you can follow your sponsored child's progress

Transform a girl's life