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Now more than ever appeal 2020

12 year old Sirri from Cameroon is wearing a mask and smiling to the camera



Now more than ever, the hopes and dreams of girls are under threat. It’s an understatement to say that it’s been a difficult year for everyone. But for girls, in particular those living in the world’s most vulnerable communities, the challenges caused by the pandemic are only just beginning.

These are girls determined to complete their education. They want to study, learn new skills and support themselves and their families. Instead, too many girls are at risk of being taken out of school, forced into early marriage and having their futures stolen from them.

We’re at a critical point as girls around the world risk losing their rights and their hope for a brighter future. Will you give a gift this Christmas to support more girls, so they can stay in education and achieve their hopes and dreams? Make a donation now >

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Could help girls to continue their education and live free from violence

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Girl doing home work
“My fear with this virus in Liberia is that women will really suffer. We will suffer over food. Men will abuse us. This is the suffering I am talking about.” Janet, 14, Liberia


The coronavirus crisis forced schools to close in Liberia, where 14-year-old Janet lives. Lessons are really important to her, as she dreams of becoming president of her country one day.

The pandemic has restricted Janet’s movements and made it harder for her mother to provide for the family. Janet is worried that increased poverty and isolation could lead to a rise in violence against girls and women, with men exploiting girls like her in exchange for food and basic essentials.  

Your support could help our vital work strengthening child protection awareness and reporting, so we can do even more to protect children like Janet from violence and exploitation.

Now more than ever

the hopes and dreams of girls are under threat

Santina, 8 is smiling and folding her arms

Santina dreams of being prime minister

In Santina’s village, girls are leaving school in year 11 and 12 to marry – something she hopes will change. “I want my voice to be heard so that in the future, we can prevent girls getting married. So they too have the chance to be prime minister if they want to be.” Your support could help girls like Santina reach for the top job.
María-Alicia, 11, is smiling and wearing a yellow-orange top

María Alicia dreams of becoming a pharmacist

María Alicia is the eldest daughter of four children. Her parents struggle with their mental health and physical disabilities, so they are unable to support her education. Now more than ever, your support could help girls like María Alicia get the support they need to stay in school and change the world.
Angelina,17, is looking into the camera and is wearing a striped top

Angelina dreams of becoming a doctor

Angelina’s family have been pushed deeper into poverty as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Now they want her to get married, even though she’s only 17, so she will no longer be their financial responsibility. You can help Angelina have a different future — one where she can go to medical school and become a doctor.
Halima is studying at home during lockdown, but she find its hard
When Halima arrived for her lessons one day back in March, she found all the classroom doors closed. Halima dreams of going back to school.


When Niger recorded its first coronavirus case in March 2020, it went straight into lockdown. Since then, Halima has stayed at home with her parents and siblings. Although there are no reported cases where she lives in the Diffa region, the schools remain closed and Halima spends most of her days helping her mother cook, clean and care for their livestock. She tries to study at home, but it’s hard to concentrate.

Your gift today could help to keep children like Halima safe from coronavirus — raising awareness of basic hygiene that will stop the spread. The faster we can help communities to suppress the virus, the sooner girls like Halima can return to school and continue their education.