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Creating a Better Future

Lia, 27, with one of her reusable pads

Creating a Better Future

Creativity is so important in helping us to understand the world around us and leading us to innovative solutions to the problems faced by children, and especially girls across the globe. Your support for Plan International UK empowers vulnerable children around the world to find creative solutions that will transform their futures.

Giving children the opportunity to develop new skills and inspiring them to think of creative solutions enables them to create a brighter, more prosperous future for themselves and their communities. Since 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has brought with it many challenges, and thanks to your support, creative solutions have helped to counter these; from distance learning via radio, to support groups helping girls to return to the classroom and avoid child marriage.

Thank you for your continued support.

Ana, 17, paints mural with her drawing club in community school
Ana (right), 17, paints mural with her drawing club in community school

In Honduras, Ana was born unable to hear or speak. Her disability meant that she often faced exclusion and discrimination. When Ana attended an art training workshop set up by Plan International, it became apparent how talented Ana was at drawing and embroidery.

Ana’s creativity gives her a chance to express all the things she cannot say with spoken words. She now attends a specialist school where her gift can flourish and she even brings in a small income from selling her work. 

Thank you for supporting girls’ dreams!

Lia, 27, making one of her reusable pads
Lia, 27, making one of her reusable pads

Did you know that the average woman throws away 10,000 menstrual pads in her lifetime?

All that plastic and waste is contributing to polluting our oceans. In Indonesia, when Lia took part in Plan International’s environmental awareness training she decided there was a better way – she set up a business making reusable pads, determined to tackle both the climate crisis and period poverty.

I sell my pads to my friends and family. I also use social media to promote my sanitary pads and have taken part in several exhibitions organised by the Department of Industry and Commerce of the City of Mataram.

Reusable pad template

Why don’t you try making your own reusable pad?

All you need to get started is this template.

Even if you don’t need to use it yourself, it shows you first-hand how children around the world are taking action to meet the challenges they face, and can be donated to someone who needs it.

If you do make your own, we’d love to see it! Tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Respect Diversity by 20-year-old Lirisha
Respect Diversity by 20-year-old Lirisha

Art is Power

In Nepal, girls are learning to express themselves through creativity and art. Thanks to supporters like you, our innovative ‘Art Is Power’ project has helped 250 children get creative while thinking about gender equality and how to build a fairer society.

"We created spaces for young people, especially girls, to raise their voices through the medium of art. We want the voices of girls and boys to be a reminder to the government to increase their commitment to children’s right and equality for girls."

- Liz Satow, Country Director, Nepal

The children create art and poetry that reflects their experiences, fears and hopes – from paintings of the Goddess Kali to designs focusing on violence against women and girls, freedom and education.