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Will you give a gift today?

Thanks to sponsors like you, more children around the world are growing up happy and healthy. But right now, a devastating food crisis means millions of children are going hungry, and dropping out of school as a result.

And it’s girls who bear the heaviest burden. When food is scarce, girls are more likely to be taken out of school and become vulnerable to child marriage, early pregnancy and gender-based violence.

Your donation today could support programmes which provide children with the nutritious food they urgently need to survive and thrive. It could help to keep more girls in school and protect their futures. Will you make a birthday donation today?

Make a donation

Help provide children with enough food to concentrate in school and build a brighter future.

Isha, 10, Sierra Leone, standing outside of school with her family.
Isha, 10, Sierra Leone, standing outside of school with her family.

Fuelling success

Isha, 10, lives in Sierra Leone. She loves learning, but living in a region devastated by a hunger crisis means Isha often has to go without food, making it impossible to concentrate at school.

School feeding programmes run by Plan International are helping children remain in education so they can create a better future for themselves and their families.

“I now eat every lunchtime at school,” says Isha. “It helps me stay focused in class, and I am grateful for it.”

With as many as 244 million children across the world missing out on an education, your donation could support programmes like this and help protect their futures.

The difference your message makes

“I was so happy to receive your letter and birthday card. I am feeling grateful because your family always love me and support me” says Thonci in Indonesia.

You can write to your sponsored child by sending a card or letter to us at Plan International UK, Finsgate, 5-7 Cranwood Street, London, EC1V 9LH or visiting our postbox to send a message online. 

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Send birthday wishes to the child you sponsor